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Sunny Monday~Almost done with Official Eat Up, Slim Down Challenge!

Monday, July 29, 2013

When I woke about noon I was pleasantly greeted to the sun. I made some breakfast and it was fresh salad, chicken, a little ranch rolled into a tortilla. So I avoided a pound of sodium & the tortilla wasn't too bad in terms of sodium. Next time I think I'll cut the tortilla in half because its much too large, or it seems so to me! Cutting the sodium more!

I think this is an interesting idea to do everyday, the idea was from Living Fit in your 40's group~
ADD More exercise than I did yesterday!
DELETE Sodium & Processed Food!
MODIFY I will avoid licorice & trail mix today! (I went a little overboard yesterday when I rested lol.)

Check out these fairly intense videos from YouTube from FitnessBlender. I've done a few but not the 90 minute 1000 calories workout, oh not yet! I suggest them because the instruction is top notch to understand and perform the moves! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

I've had 48ozs of strawberry water already and I've been up since round 1230pm. Pretty decent. I have a water bottle that is a 24oz but it has some kind of frozen stick in the middle you freeze so it keeps your beverage cold. So I drink 3 different times and I have my 64ozs a day. It kind of makes up for my root beer l had last night. I know I said I don't drink soda but I was feeling a little nauseated so that helped. I think the weather for a few days and the frequent pressure changes has gotten to me some. Yesterday was very strange in terms of the weather. Today is much better and I think the evening weather will be fine to exercise outdoors.

I made up a written plan so that I can see what exercise I am doing everyday now because I can get lazy after the 90 minutes-2 hours walking and yoga. So I am doing 90 minutes walking, 20 minutes Yogilates and then a 37 minute cardio tonight from 645pm on until I finish out. I've done this combination before so no worries, its pretty easy really.
I have started to add strength training now, a little bit at a time so I can get that regular strength training thing going in my brain. Some of The Fitness Blender videos have that going on their videos so I am going with their flow. I know it is said that you should do your strength training separate from your cardio but hey, to get my brain going getting onto strength training I'll do it. True that...

So I've had breakfast, then round 5pm is dinner, 645pm-930pm is exercise, I had a snack and lunch overnight so after exercise I'll have a little snack and I'm good with food. Sometimes I will bring a granola bar with me when I'm walking and eat it if I need it but usually I wait until I am done with my exercise. I don't exercise continuously from 645-930. I walk from 645pm-845 or so and rest for about 10 then do Yogilates and stop usually. Tonight I just want to see how I do with the 3some. I think I can get back to morning exercise tomorrow morning. I'll likely do 30 minutes walking outside, then do a cardio video and then finish walking and do Yogilates in the evening. I'm not worrying so much this week about getting in 15K a day. I'm looking for more balance with exercise but I always get in 10K+ on my walks, its more likely round 13K but I'm going to do 20 minutes on the treadmill once in a 24 hour period and I should hit my 15K a day 5 days a week, since that equals 75K and I can keep up my 70K a week.

Edit--Okay so I did 17213 walking steps tonight on exercise & its all I did because it took up more time than I anticipated. The Yogilates & Cardio workout will come in the morning instead. I'll treadmill walk for 20-30 minutes in the morning before I do the cardio & yoga because in the evening I am going with my mom to take my dad to the airport. I'm not sure what time we'll go but I don't want to have to rush in the evening to get out of my workout attire. Plus if I have to I'll skip the night walking. Ill go straight through from Wednesday morning-Saturday and be fine in terms of getting in the 70K. Sorry folks I tried but not getting in the 70K isn't an option unless I am injured of which I am not since I went to have my feet checked over today. Everything is kosher but I do need some walking shoes that can take my level of exercise it seems. So I am going to get regular walking shoes from Skechers not the Go Walk kind. I'm going to find a pair that are super cushioned and look like regular tennis shoes & have a little more support than the Go Walks.

On the Official Eat Up, Slim Down Challenge that I am finishing this week I posted this entry for beginning week 4! (Postings of week 1-4 in challenge)

Starting week 4 in a few hours and I am off to a fabulous start today, I did 17,213 steps in my walking tonight, I tracked my food and eliminated pretty much all processed food from every meal. I did my 64ozs of water & had a great amount of sleep.
I went over the mindful eating techniques discussed in the recommended article and I have been eating since the beginning on smaller plates and eating more fruits and vegetables than meat, fish or side dishes. I find I do much better with planning out my meals for the day rather than winging it. I pre portion my foods so I don't eat mindlessly as well.
I do have a food weakness and its called pizza. Last week, I ate 2 slices for dinner and had salad with it and ate one more piece after I was done with the salad. After those 3 slices I felt sort of naughty but I was proud of myself because I stopped with 3 pieces when I could eat 4-6 pieces mindlessly previously. I'm learning how to eat pizza lol.
I fill out the nutrition tracker each day and sometimes I tweak it but it helps me from going overboard with the calories. Plus I make sure I get in enough protein, fruit and vegetables and go easy on bread products or snacks. This seems to work for me very well~

Week 3 is ok, I did better with weeks 1 & 2. I am good with the vegetables, vitamins, 64ozs of water/liquids, avoiding white products and not having any soda. I'm struggling with not enough fruit and too much sodium. I am trying to get in more fiber as well. Over all I feel I am doing alright but it could be better.

I am doing very good for week 2, I never have a problem with eating enough vegetables and fruit is a little less than I wanted but still pretty decent. I'm trying to stay on the lower end of my carb range and keep the protein & whole grains in the mix. The one thing I am trying to curtail is the sodium from canned goods, much too high so I am working to cut those down significantly~

My goals for week 1 are to
eat a little bit better when it comes to snacks
get enough calcium, magnesium and potassium without having to take additional supplements on top of my vitamins.
I'd also like to reduce my sodium intake as it seems I get a little on the high side. I also need to reduce the cholesterol a little.

So I looked over what I posted for every week, SODIUM is a problem. So I have to cut out a lot of canned that my mom makes. I think preparing my own food is on the horizon here for the most part. I'm going to have Quinoa tomorrow for dinner, eat it with some fruit, vegetables and some tilapia or chicken and I should be good there. Breakfast overnight is eggs, fruit, vegetables, a slice of peanut butter toast and I think that should be alright. A snack? Maybe some ice cream because I already had pudding earlier today. I think tomorrow night or Wednesday morning I'll make some hard boiled eggs to have for salad and snack time. Maybe I'll make fresh beans as well so my mom doesn't resort to the canned variety. I really felt poorly last week and I don't want to repeat that. Feeling lightheaded while I'm walking isn't my idea of fun times. I do think it was from sodium overload and I can't have that. I know there were some wild pressure issues last week but I think both issues did it to me. The SO and one point Saturday when he came over to break the back yard said I looked pale, like I was going to faint and so he said I should not go shopping and so I didn't. My mom and I are going to do that with my Aunt Friday now because she is flying over from Burbank Thursday round noon. Plus she has a good eye and can report back to my cousin what I am wearing lol.

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  • LETHA_
    Wow - you are really focused on making positive changes.
    emoticon emoticon
    1696 days ago
    Sodium is a problem with me sometimes. I think that I just crave crunchy-salty in the afternoons. It's a struggle for me to avoid that, I hope that you do well with it. Canned and processed foods are def. the big no-no. I can avoid canned, but those bags of salty-crunchy snack foods, big hurdle here. emoticon

    Still sounds lie your exercising is on track - push yourself in to strength training if you must, it's totally worth it. I love my weights, and you might too. emoticon emoticon
    1696 days ago
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