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Carnival Fries

Monday, July 29, 2013

This past weekend was the Fair. The Fair is a fun thing my sister and I try to enjoy when I am in town. It's enjoyable to see the farm animals, explore the booths, watch the entertainers, mill amongst the crowd.

Oh, yeah, and there's a ton of food too.

In years past, I easily made myself sick from carnival food. Cotton candy. Ice cream. Elephant ears and funnel cakes. Burgers.

But most especially Fries.

Even when I was heavy, even when I ate almost anything, I avoided the carnival fries.

Oh, I tried the fries. One year, I bought a burger and fries. I thought the fries would appear in small little containers like you get in McDonald's. But no, instead, they were served in a huge bread loaf pan sized lump on a paper plate, a mound that appeared to have sat in oil and fat and salt for the last year.

(Link: farm1.staticflickr.com/7
NOTE: These actually look WORLDS better than the fries I bought. The fries I bought were soggy with oil and fat and were gross.

That year, I was stupid. I thought, "I bought these damned things, I must eat them all."




Don't do this. Never feel like you have to eat most of what you buy, especially if you find that you HATE it.

The fries weren't that good - again, this is when I was heavy and ate everything fattening in my sight. But I had spent money so I kept eating...and eating.

Is it ANY surprise that I spent the rest of the day sicker than a dog? Wanting desperately to throw up but unable to?

And that was it. That one incident cured me of Carnival Fries for life. When I walked through the Fair this year, I saw the fries and not ONCE did they call to me, beckoning with sweet satisfaction. I saw people carrying around the bread loaf bricks of fries and thought, "Idiots." I saw the fries dripping in buckets of fat and wanted to gag. I saw plates sagging with oil, the fattening scent wafting across the courtyard and held my nose.

I have a good many food temptations, but one thing is true: Carnival Fries will NEVER be on that list!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What makes us think: I bought it, I must eat it?

    Is it the same insanity that allows me to spend $3 on a huge cup of high-fructose corn syrup, citric acid, carbonation, and artificial colors but refuse spend the same $3 on a 12oz bottle of pure, refreshing water because it's too expensive?

    There is something seriously wrong with my head. emoticon
    1692 days ago
    I try to only buy that stuff will a couple of friends so i dont waste it and can get only a small taste of some of these less then healthy treats.
    1693 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I had the same experience with the little cinnamon mini donuts, used to love them, but when I got them from the fair, they were dripping with grease and gross, and I ended up tossing them. Cured of ever wanting them again.
    Hard lesson learned, but one which was invaluable!
    Keep up the great work!
    1693 days ago
    Omg! Hahahha! You have a way with words! Your description had me in stitches! Lol. But you are absolutely right about being turned off by fat and oil in food. For the past year or so I have had an aversion to fat. It started when my doc warned me about my cholesterol. Little by little I ate less and less fat and oil. Now, when I eat something I think is going to be scrumptious after a bite or two, I can't eat it!! I feel like it's toxic! Lol. No more whole milk or butter, no more Philly stakes or fast food either! And you know what? I'm glad it happened. I'm much better for it, too.

    Thanks for blogging your oh so fabulous story with a moral! I just loved it!
    emoticon emoticon
    1693 days ago
    I hope you and your sister had a great time at the fair. Congratulations on avoiding the disgusting fries. That just sounds horrible. .eck! I've never been to the fair here but have heard great things about the endless food. Of course since I haven't had any of it I'm not missing it. Sadly one woman at work insists I MUST try the kettle korn and is bringing me a small bag even though I insisted she not. If she does I will try a piece, 2 max then give it away.

    1693 days ago
  • KJACOBS1111
    Yep, I know that feeling...I bought it so I better finish it...we're recovering. yay!

    I kinda had that this week, I'd gotten some all fruit no added sugar Popsicles and went to have one and it tasted like rotten fruit...my first thought was to eat it anyway and not to waste it or the money I spent on it. Then I was like, Whoa, what am I thinking, this is gross...I still put it back in the freezer though (like what, I was going to eat the gross Popsicle later then?) and I finally threw it away today. emoticon
    1693 days ago
    Are fair is going on right now, but don't want to go. I would of swore that that was a block of noodles and I only know the plant (Elephant ears) What is this? Please and 1 last thing very proud of you (Walking and no food!) emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1693 days ago
    I'm not looking forward to fair week.
    1693 days ago
    I tend to be a bit of a sanitary freak, and it's really hard to guess when the last thing at a fair was ever cleaned, and we know they probably reuse the oil. Ok, now you know where my mind goes when I eat out. Have to say cotton candy is my only weakness at the fair.
    Hope You had lots of fun at the fair.
    Have a Great Week.
    1693 days ago
    Yep this is the stuff that makes McDonald's small fry look like a food you'd find in a health food store LOL
    1693 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2013 6:57:59 PM
  • CHERYLA2012
    I love your mindfulness regarding Fair food - and the fact that "getting your money's worth" is no longer a motivating factor there.

    My favorite thing @ a Fair if they have it is the "Fair Lemonade".
    1693 days ago
    They look like worms!! I went to a bbq fest the other weekend, and they had homemade chips. Looked so delicious, but didn't have them. I did partake in some other things though. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that you ate them before and they made you so sick, since you will never be tempted ever again. I ate a poptart once when I had a migraine. Not nearly as good on the way back up... can't even look at them now! (same goes for vodka lol) I hope you got to enjoy at least one small thing at the fair. Mine had homemade kettle corn, which is lower in calories and yummy.
    1693 days ago
    OMG those do look incredibly gross. Just the fact that it is formed into a bread loaf shape *gags*. I am glad you will never go back to carnival fries!
    1693 days ago
    I like fries okay but that picture simply does not appeal to me. Recently at a music fest here, I saw a beautiful tower of fries. Athestically pleasing but I quickly realized it was an insanely big portion and full of fat. It kinds killed my urge --- for that anyway.
    Our past plays so strongly into our future, but being aware is hugely helpful!
    1693 days ago
    I have never seen fries served like that! What a horror show! But yes, there was a time where I would have ordered them (because "cool, a brick of fries!") and eaten them (because "omg there's too many but... paid for them, can't just throw them out").

    If i'm going to splurge it's going to be on something a whole lot more unique and delicious than a brick of soggy fatty fried potatoes!
    1693 days ago
    I've never been a fan of fries, anyways, but you have drawn a vivid enough picture here to turn me off of them for life...

    Hope you had fun at the Fair (even if you did have to keep holding your nose)!
    1693 days ago
  • AJB121299
    1693 days ago
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