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Well... I needed fruit.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Well... I needed fruit. I gave up on the super low carb. My body hated it. I was following the rules, supplementing, drinking enough water... and I lost weight. But everything hurt. For some reason my leg muscles were really tender, like bruised, not strained. I also felt immensely better after having some carbs... so I listened to my body and gave up on the low carb/high fat thing.

Instead I’m still lower carb, but I’m filling up on fruits and veggies. I had some amazing blue velvet apricots... and then bit into a regular apricot that somehow was FULL OF MOLD!!! I couldn’t tell from the outside, but I took a bite, thought... this is a bit off... look down.. FUZZY! Ughrlaldksfjblahsnonononono!

I had a cheat day Friday and Saturday... Friday was custard with oreos and cookie dough. Nom! That was the result of day 8 of my second shark week of the month... 17 days where its not safe to go in the water is too many by far! So that’s also why I needed carbs. My body was in full – freak the f*ck out mode. Three days of carbs and the communists have finally left...

Saturday was an unintentional cheat day... Ate pretty well. Came home and devoured almonds. Vanilla almonds = soooo good. Dang, just realized I left them at my parents house. Well that might be a good thing. Then I had a girls night out at Houlihans – mini martini flights! Followed by The Princess Diaries (where I fell asleep due to said martinis) and then a cupcake... because it was there and it was free... Dumb excuse, but it was good.

Sunday was a nice end to the weekend. My hormones finally got back to normal. I cleaned my parents house again, did my laundry, packed up and went to TJs house. I made a lamb roast, herb potatoes, and a greek salad. BTW – the Dannon Oikos greek yogurt dips are amazing. I bought the dill and cucumber dip as well as a greek feta dressing. The traditional greek dressing = 120 calories for 2 tablespoons. Oikos dip = 25 calories for 2 tablespoons and it tastes WAY BETTER~! I threw a little feta cheese in the dip with the lamb = perfection. I also made a quick breakfast casserole so that we could sleep in before I got on the road this morning. I think I get bonus points for cooking really nice dinners for his parents, to cut down on the awkwardness of staying over there.

TJ has decided not to try out for the hockey team, and so he’s cutting back on his workouts. He cut too much too fast and was starting to hate it. The hockey tryouts originally said “tryout for a spot on the team” but then the announcement came out last week, and it was “Pay $200 to try out for a spot in the actual tryouts” = scam! Not a good deal at all... The season starts in a month – they have their entire team basically picked out already, and this is just a publicity stunt. So TJ was bummed. He’s still working out and making better food choices though, so he’s not giving up completely.

I think I’ve been talking about my diet too much with him lately. He doesn’t think I need to lose weight. He likes me the way I am. I like me the way I am... but I want more muscles. SO I’m not trying to lose 30 pounds rapidly anymore. I’m going back to strength training and muscling up. I wish I had my treadmill here for cardio, but I’ve got five weeks until I have to leave Columbia and I’ll have all the time in the world...

Well, hopefully not. I have a second interview with a company in two weeks. I just found out about that on Friday! What a good way to start the weekend. I’m meeting with my boss to talk about who to send as references, and he’s probably going to try and talk me out of it and push a post-doc... *sigh* The things we do to keep good references...

BTW—loving fruit! I got a cantaloupe this weekend that was so delicious! I’m going on a fruit run after work. Nom nom nom!
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    Good for you for listening to your body. You've got to do what works for you. Contrats on the second interview and good luck!
    1602 days ago
    I can't do no carbs either. I have 30g of muesli cereals (no added sugar) in the morning, fruits and veggies, and sometimes a bit of bread at lunch, which is probably semi-low-carb, but I need some. I try to get rid of white sugar and any added sugar in general.
    1602 days ago
    Cracking up at the apricot story...guess the fuzzy one was just trying to fit in with the blue velvet ones.

    Sucks about TJ's tryouts being a scam. Glad the carrot, however rotten it turned out in the end, at least got him off the couch.

    whee for second interviews!
    1602 days ago
    I've never liked the idea of no carbs or super low carbs especially when they can be detrimental to the body.
    1602 days ago
    No-carb/super low carb works for a lot of people, but I was never excited over the idea. When I'm being mindful of what I eat, I'm not shoveling in lots of empty carbs, though, but it's mostly fruit and veggies. I think as long as it's mostly whole fruits and you combine them with something like peanut butter to make it a little more balanced, I don't see them wreaking as much havoc on your body or your blood sugar. If you feel a lot better with readjusting, I think you're on the right path :)
    1602 days ago
    I'm glad you are listening to your body and eating some carbs! Sucks about the hockey try-outs. I hope he keeps up with the exercise, despite that. Tell your mentor to get you a post-doc if he wants you to have one so badly. I hate how academia looks down on everything else. I was thinking about how much I hate it today. ugh! good luck with your second interview!
    1602 days ago
  • CECE0330
    I tried that greek yogurt dip for the first time this weekend, and LOVED it! And eww to the apricot, I HATE that!

    1602 days ago
  • NEEDBU66
    cantaloupe has been #1 around here, too! I find it easier to eat fruit than veggies, but try to go half and half. I think the body just starts to holler whenever we try to do something to it that it doesn't seem to think is right.

    Calls for subterfuge. tee hee.
    1602 days ago
  • MINEA999
    ugh moldy apricots. Gross. ha

    But summer fruit and vegetable season is the BEST. So I'm glad you're not going to miss out on it! Who wants to live without fruit anyway right?

    I'm sorry for your BF that the tryouts were a scam, that must have been disappointing. Hopefully he'll find something else to keep him busy and active.

    Good luck on the interview!!
    1602 days ago
    I think you made it longer than I did when I tried the no-carb/low carb/paleo style of eating. I felt very similar to you... I'd do really well and then just cranky-pants all day. I also had a severe drop in energy around the 2pm time frame, and I had never had that happen to me before. As soon as I reintroduced carbs, I started feeling a whole lot better.
    1602 days ago
    Ewwww the moldy apricot thought made me make a face. Yucky! I do love me some fruit though.
    1602 days ago
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