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Lessons learned

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I woke up today with an upset stomach, because last night I ate too much. What ?! emoticon

Yesterday I went shopping with Karen and, as shopping days usually go, I missed my regular meal times. Whenever I hang out with her we always pick healthy meals, so I didn't feel the need to pack a healthy snack. For lunch I had salmon, coleslaw and lettuce with a lime vinaigrette. Dinner was a medium Atlantic Salmon pack from "My Fit Foods" (salmon, quinoa and broccoli).

Dinner was 100% healthy but I ate too much of it because I felt RAVENOUS. I should have stopped the moment I felt full - half-way through ! The reason I felt so ravenous was that I'd waited way too long to eat, and should have packed healthy snacks to keep myself sane. Last night, I reverted to my former, mindless self and kept going till my plate was empty. I haven't such hunger - or such a mad desire to eat - like that in a very long time.

Coming up against the "hunger monster" scared me big time. It reminded me of how I used to feel when I got that hungry. In that state of mind, I could (1) eat mindlessly (2) eat too much (3) eat anything, and I mean anything.

The reason I hadn't felt that hungry in months is because, as part of my new lifestyle, I have been eating 4 to 6 healthy meals a day. Now I realize that this change has been very good for me because:

1) Eating small meals regularly keeps my stomach satisfied. It keeps me from going to that mindless, trance-like state where I lose control around food.

2) Those small healthy meals make me feel full, curbing the need to overeat. My stomach stopped hurting the way it used to.

3) Eating healthy foods ensures that my body got all the nutrients it needs, so I really enjoy mealtimes now, instead of feeling guilty all the time.

So now I'm re-committing to the conscious decision to do the following:
- Continue eating my 4 - 6 healthy meals a day
- Pack healthy snacks on days I will be out and about
- Never wait too long in between meals again.

Eating well regularly makes me feel better about myself.
It curbs those extreme hunger pangs and the desire to binge.
It calms me down, making it easier to make rational decisions about food.

It's one thing for me to follow the rules of my new lifestyle, but it's very important to know why I am following them and why they work for me. This weekend's adventure has taught me that.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know how reverting to old behaviour can cause alot of anxiety. You question whether you really have it beaten or just a blip - but I guess we have these moments to remind us how far we've come. I think you'll be alright - I know you'll be back to normal today.
    1572 days ago
    emoticon Sounds like a good ;plan!
    I also read an article yesterday that mice that were given an early dinner, which allowed 16 hrs of fasting between dinner & breakfast, lost more weight than mice that ate dinner later. ...food for thought...
    Keep up the good work!
    1573 days ago
  • ZOE13O
    Lesson learned and kudos to you for realizing what works best for you and putting a plan in place. So often we over eat, say we won't do it again, and voila we repeat the behavior! So good job for setting a plan!
    1574 days ago
  • BRADMILL2922
    I eat small meals like you do too and have had similar experiences when the eating "plan" gets thrown off whack and it is scary! That out of control eating feeling, even when you are eating healthy is scary! It is a good learning tool and a good reminder to stay on track and stick with our plans the best that we can.
    1574 days ago
  • JILLRY03
    emoticon Good job on realizing what's best for you!! That's fabulous!!
    1575 days ago
    Congratulations on realizing what had happened. I have learned that if I'm going to gone from home at my usual "snack" times I need to bring something that will give me the nutrition I need to carry me to my next meal. It is great if their can be protein in that snack as it will keep you from getting hungry so fast
    1575 days ago
    So true! Life is just better when we consistently eat healthy. emoticon
    1575 days ago
  • DALID414
    Lesson learned indeed
    1575 days ago
    ooh yea, I can't go too long without a meal! My hubby on the other hand can go like 10 hours without eating! Weirdo
    1575 days ago
    Great Batman quote: "Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up." I love that you used the experience to press into your heart the reasons behind the rules. I trust that was some super yummy Salmon too. :-D
    1575 days ago
    Great lesson learned! Multiple small meals is a great and effective tool.

    1575 days ago
    1575 days ago
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