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New start

Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's been a long time again since I logged on to SP. In the meantime, the pounds have been adding up. Back up to 198. Yikes. Definitely in a very uncomfortable place.

But what's new? Not much.

Work is ok, but I'm starting to get frustrated at what seems like a lack of appreciation. I was never happy with the salary, but was only working 35 hours a week, so it seemed worth it. But now my hours are increasing, I've been there over a year, and there has been no mention of a raise. I know the clinic is struggling right now - I don't think they are as profitable as they planned to be. In any case, they certainly don't seem to want to put in the effort to become successful. They only recently got a FB page, although they rarely post anything and do nothing to promote it. The page has 96 "likes", most of which are either employees, family of the employees, and an odd client here and there. So really, they are not utilizing social media like they should. They also don't advertise. We're in a big suburb, but not on a main street. In fact, we're in an industrial area, so unless you know we're there, you would have no clue there is a clinic anywhere around. I'm trying not to worry about it too much, but when they don't bring in clients, I don't see patients, and when I don't see patients, I'm not productive. I could see myself there for a long time if the money was better, but I may have to eventually move on. No, I don't do this for the money, but I do have 200K in student loans AND I need to be paid according to my qualifications.

The baby news is no better. We're still trying. Now we're at Oregon Reproductive Medicine. No more acupuncture or Chinese herbs. We're spending 1,500$ a month at ORM. I can't afford to do that and acupuncture, unfortunately. We're currently on round 2 of IUI with Clomid and trigger shot. We'll give it 5-6 cycles and then move on to In-Vitro. That'll cost about 30,000$. Yay. You won't be able to say I didn't move mountains to have a baby. You'll also never catch me complaining about sleepless nights or never getting alone time.

I joined 24-hour Fitness. I decided I can't do it on my own. They have a pool and classes, and I'm looking forward to going every night after work. I'd like to say I'll go on my days off, but in the meantime I'll start with 4 times a week. I've been in limbo for 2 years - trying for a baby and never working out or dieting for "fear" that I might be pregnant. Well, clearly the odds that I am pregnant are not as high as the odds that I'm NOT pregnant, so there is no reason I shouldn't work my butt off. When I get pregnant, I'll cut back a bit. When.

What has changed right now is that I have no more excuses (i.e. my husband). He is working toward a wonderful promotion and is working his BUTT OFF. He is going to be the Finance Director for a large auto group in Salem, OR. They have about 16 dealerships, I think, and always looking to add more. Right now, he is the finance guy for one of the dealerships and they want him to be in charge of ALL of them. So he works his normal 10-8 and then when he gets off of work, he goes to the other dealerships and works into the night closing their deals and getting things in order. Sometimes he's at 5-6 different stores in one night. He gets home at around midnight every night. This will probably continue until around November when he will no longer work his own store, but be the general Finance Director. It sucks that he's basically doing two jobs without the extra compensation, but he's willing to do this hard work if it means an amazing promotion. So for now, he's sucking it up! What that means for me, however, is I no longer eat dinner with him. I always complained that I eat more when I eat with him and sometimes (usually) I eat when I'm not even hungry. So the plan is to get my South Beach on now that I don't have him around to prompt me to eat what I shouldn't be eating (late-night pizzas, for the most part). When he drove a truck for 6 months, a few years ago, I got down to 160 and it wasn't even that hard. So I'm trying to make the best of of him getting home so late, and focusing on healthy food and not overeating.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Really enjoyed reading what you are up to. It was very interesting.

    I'm in a similar place. I have got to get back on plan and stay there. To be honest, I am not weighing, not exercising enough, not eating on plan, not tracking, etc. I have plenty of stress though and more work than 10 people can do. Can this possible be a recipe for success? LOL.

    I am so sorry to hear about the job. You certainly deserve better. I have been in jobs like that. Sometimes all you can do is hang around while scouting out something better. They could at least offer you some kind of compensation.

    I had no idea that fertility treatments had gotten so expensive. My GF did it years ago in Colorado for $10,000. Didn't work and years later at 42 she got pregnant naturally. Crazy.

    I think the exercise is a good idea. Sometimes when you take your focus off of something then it ends up happening. When I had given up on meeting someone and having a relationship and I set other goals that is when I met my hubby. LOL.

    It sounds like your husband's careering is soaring at just the right time. Maybe you can sock some money away before you get pregnant. The little beggars tend to really zap the finances. LOL. They are worth it but their needs are many and they get what they need.

    Good luck on the weight loss!
    1122 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2013 10:47:53 PM
    Glad to see you back - and give the job a little time, loyalty usually pays off.

    Good luck with the baby making, too! I know it's rough, but, well, sometimes our bodies just need a little push in the right direction.
    1122 days ago
    Hah! Never mind about that hospital comment. I just read that you are a vet! :)
    1123 days ago
    Facebook, in my opinion, is not the best way to advertise, but I do agree that companies do need to invest in marketing if they're to get new business. I work in Finance and have always worked for large companies. They can pay a fair wage, plus they can absorb a few bumps in a rough economy. Maybe there's a bigger hospital in your area you could get into?

    I hope things start looking up for you in all aspects of your life. Sounds like you have a good plan. I'm tempted to throw in for a gym membership. I'd love the pool access. But i'm stubborn and don't want to pay for it!
    1123 days ago
    It is good to see you back here. I hope that this next phase of life will give you many successes and good health!
    1123 days ago
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