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my truth for me

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I am writing this from my heart and my soul because I have found that what I am sharing works so well all the time in the name of Jesus.

By following His precious Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth as he shows me the truth about myself I am gaining victory.

By allowing His grace and word to work in my life by my confessing, professing and speaking it forth I am prophesying over my life His word of promises for me.

I am taking knowledge and His wisdom which is the mind of Christ and applying this to all the knowledge of what I am learning about eating and exercising and His wisdom is increasing the comprehension of the knowledge of healthy living, eating and exercising my comprehension shows me how to apply all of this to my life to lead me to victory.

He is also showing me one exercise that works so well for me.

It is called "push aways".....pusing away from the table and pushing away from all excess food is such an awesome way to live life and have fun doing this exercise by using my self discipline which comes from His grace of His Holy Spirit of Truth who strengthens me to do these push aways.

Then in consistency lies the power is what He is also teaching me.

I am consistent in my personal time with Jesus every morning and self disciplined in my consistency with my physical exercise and my push aways from excess food and find that my spirit and soul and body are responding so well with living my life like this.

Being consistent in the word of God, time spent with Jesus, prayer and confessing His promises over my life and being disciplined in eating and exercising I am losing weight.

I am having fun doing all of this because He has given me His heart and wisdom in all of these things that I am doing that is leading to my victory in losing all of this excess weight.

There are other things that He is having me do by showing me the truth about myself that may not work for anyone else but it is working for me. So I won't share what He has shown me about myself with certain things as we ae all so different and what works for me may not work for you.

Anyways, I am in His word and His word is Jesus and I have the knowledge from heaven above and His wisdom of how to use all this knowledge and the fruit of the Spirit which is self discipline and consistency in combining all of these together and am well pleased with the results so far.

I just had to share that knowledge, discipline and consistency do work miracles in the name of Jesus.

I have also learned that my flesh is lazy and fights me every single day not to exercise but I have my spirit that controls my body not my body controlling my spirit and this also applies to over eating.

I am free from the bondage of ever over eating again in my life and am free from the spirit of laziness and am led of the Holy Spirit of Truth which leads to victory all the time in every undertaking in the name of Jesus.
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