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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another productive day today. It was my parents' anniversary, so I made them a lovely lunch. We had baked lemon swai, fresh chard and beet greens, beets, and zucchini, with watermelon for dessert. Mom actually ate a whole plate of food. She hasn't had much appetite since she came home from the hospital, so I was glad to see her eating. Dad and I moved furniture out of her old room upstairs after lunch. We had to carry it down stairs and around to the back of the house where dad had cleared a space. I also started cleaning off one of the remaining bookshelves I have to empty. It is slow because I have to go through every single piece of paper. My big accomplishment was not falling backwards down the staircase when we were moving the 7 drawer dresser. It was a close thing!

This evening I walked the dog, then changed into workout clothes and went for a run. 3.2 miles in 31 minutes. That seems to be about my normal pace. Of course today I took two walking breaks, so my running pace was a little faster. It wasn't very hot and it kept trying to sprinkle on me. I sort of wish it had rained on me. I want to get to the point where running the whole 3.2 miles is an ordinary occurrence. As it is I have to struggle to run the whole thing right now. Next week when I go to DC, I am going to keep up the running. I plan on taking a slight break when I go to Ithaca, as I will be doing other active things that weekend... and then the following weekend is the 5k. Cooper is going to be spending a lot of time with my parents in the next three weeks. Hope he doesn't get to feeling abandoned.

I half killed my computer. It will only run firefox now. The power went out the other night, and mostly fried it. I have never partially killed a computer before. Usually if it is dead then it is all the way dead. My brother said he will try and fix it on Monday.

I am off to make dinner now. I have fresh picked lettuce and basil, so I am going to have a big salad. I love the taste of fresh basil. Yum!
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