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Freggies: A Love Affair

Saturday, July 27, 2013

For the first time in months, we're low on vegetables and fruits. I need to drop by the farmer's market - and will tomorrow morning - because it's slim pickings at home. It got me thinking about the dramatic change my taste buds have made in less than seven months.

1.) The old breakfast stand by was a Soy Joy Bar. Now I reach for bananas and apples as my breakfast stand-bys, whether it's mixed in a protein shake or raw.

2.) My previous comfort food was homemade macaroni and cheese (corn pasta). I always justified the deliciousness with the time consuming process of preparing it; contrary to that I almost always ate enough to make myself ill. Now I prefer spaghetti squash with meat sauce - and I by prefer I mean crave it. It's sweet, salty, filling, and delicious.

3.) I used to indulge in french fries and potato skins. All artificial, all the time. Now I will happily dice up my own potatoes to steam, bake, or sauté. Not too mention my excess use of sweet potatoes (though I always loved those).

4.) I was inhaling potato chips and gluten free pretzels all the time. Now I have pre-weighed servings of carrots that crisp, delicious, and filling. I rarely leave home without them.

5.) Not too mention I was dipping numbers 3 and 4 in mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, and/or melting cheese on all of it. I never felt great after doing that and soon understood the benefits of not doing that. I enjoy - and quite frankly crave - a good Greek yogurt now (technically not a freggie replacement, but I do include blueberries and strawberries quite a bit).

6.) I was eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream by the pint. Sometimes two. It's not an absolute freggie replacement, but I grab trail mix for snacks now. They certainly aren't perfect for nutrition, but they are loaded with raisins, cranberries, and bananas. So instead of a 300 calories 1/4 of ice cream, I enjoy a 300 calories 1/2 cup of protein rich trail mix.

I'm loving my substitutions, which are technically no longer substitutions. They are my favorite foods. The above "past life" foods aren't even on my crave radar (yeah, even ice cream). The one I do crave (ahem, pizza) I indulge in. Not everyday or even every week. But my freggie cravings? I indulge away in deliciousness.

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