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Little Big Women

Friday, July 26, 2013

" The smallest fact is a window through which the infinite may be seen ." Aldous Huxley

I started with a very small fact I wanted to loose weight, So I came here and studied and read other peoples blogs and I learned. I learned that we don't diet here we make a lifestyle choice to eat healthy. I learned that we exercise to feel good ,sleep better give our bodies a special glow and to reduce weight and lessen the effects on many diseases.

From this small place of wanting to lose weight came many, many benefits. Here are some in no random order ....

I learned to love and crave salad's especially ones with power greens and avocado.

I learned that after an intense visit to the gym your body feels relaxed recharged and fabulous. your shower feels better , your clothes feel better and if your lucky time with a loved one is well better.
I learned that I could do more in one day than I ever thought possible. That I could work some me time into each day and feel fabulous .
I learned that the more you work out the better you feel and think you look and you don't have to lose one pound.
I learned that there are really kind and thoughtful people here at spark people and that I could have more friends than I ever thought possible.
I learned that exercise gives you energy.
That I love salmon and flax seeds . A walk in the sun on a cool day can change your mood. That I could be a leader ,here I lead three teams yeah!!!
That I am stronger and smarter then I ever thought possible. That strength training can make you look younger. That vegetable omelets are heavenly. Coffee with coconut is delicious and nutritious . That when you find the perfect exercise that is right for you that it will make you happy.

Mostly I learned that I don't really want to lose weight anymore. What I want to do is be the healthiest I can be. I want to be toned and have muscles and less aches and pains. I want to look fit and have energy to burn. I want to sleep well every night .I want to expand my knowledge and help other people . I want to eat many salad's full of greens and eat many and all kinds of fruits.
I want to be a little women with a big heart, and a big appetite for all that is healthy.
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