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Update - 14-day Yoga, Detox, and Empowerment Program

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello Spark Friends!

Today is Day Four of Sadie Nardini's 14-day program, and I thought I'd share my experience so far.

First, let me tell you that I got a pleasant surprise from my partner. Pierre and I have a running joke: when I head out for a workout/yoga class/bike ride/dog walk, whathaveyou, I *always* ask if he'd like to join me. He says, "No, thanks" approximately 87% of the time. The 13% that he says "Yes" makes it totally worth the asking, so I keep on! emoticon

After asking whether he'd like to do this two-week program, he was willing to read Sadie's REASONS why one would want to do a detox. (Having the facts makes all the difference to Pierre. He's a very logical fellow.) Yoga doesn't appeal to him at all, but he did agree to do the food portion of the program with me! Yay! emoticon

Each day begins and ends with a glass of lemon water. Sadie suggests drinking it hot, but these hot-and-muggy days lend themselves more to iced drinks. Our water filter sits on the countertop, so it's half a lemon's juice and a cup of room-temp water for each of us. First comment, "This isn't bad!" emoticon

In addition to following along with Sadie's yoga videos (30 - 60 minutes/day), she suggests substituting one meal a day (we chose breakfast) with either a smoothie or a freshly made juice, which I love! Having these new daily recipes makes it easy and a great adventure. (I'm a variety-foodie-junkie!)

Day One's smoothie was incredible! I made it with a scoop of raspberry whey protein powder, which Sadie gives as an option, saying it will help maintain your blood sugar longer. Since we both have a tendency toward hypoglycemic blood sugar crashes, I thought it would be wise. This recipe called for *avocado* as one of the ingredients. Pierre and I are huge fans of guacamole or avocado in salads, but this was our first experience drinking it. And. It. Was. Blissful! :) Blended with milk, vanilla Greek yogurt, honey, chia seeds, and ice, it tasted like a velvety milkshake. emoticon

Day Two we had an alkaline green juice. I'm pretty sure Pierre was hoping for a repeat of Day One's breakfast -- which this was definitely not -- but he was a good sport, drank it, and didn't hate it. I thought it was great, and although cleaning the juicer is never my favourite, I had a flash of inspiration and dumped all of the ground, dry-ish fiber into a big pot of water, added some onion tops and boiled it for half an hour. Poured through a coffee filter, that delicious vegetable broth is now frozen and waiting for my next soup-making day. The juice consisted of spinach, cucumber, celery, carrots, and an apple. Quite yummy! emoticon

Day Three's smoothie was beautiful! Blending frozen banana, peach, and blueberry with chia seeds, yogurt, a splash of milk, and sliced almonds (it called for pecans which I didn't have), plus the protein powder made a thick, fruity, purple glass of goodness. emoticon

Today -- Day Four -- Pierre gave a pass. He doesn't do well with tomato-based juice, so this one was all mine. It was touted as a Bloody Mary without the vodka; however... I've never chewed a Bloody Mary before! The recipe called for tomato juice (I used mixed vegetable juice) and a cup of beet leaves (I substituted kale), horseradish, and lemon juice. Since kale is so hardy, I tossed it and the juice in the blender on Liquefy for almost a minute. It was tasty, but each slurp was rather like chewing a liquid salad. Tooth-brushing immediately following was essential! emoticon

Day One and Three were both garden-restructuring days, so today will be only my second day of yoga-with-Sadie. Her style is Vinyasa -- a type of powerful, core-building yoga -- which is much more active than my usual yin/yang classroom experience. The combination of digging, squatting, and pulling plants plus holding yoga positions while keeping my belly-button pulled into my spine has certainly made me aware of my abdominal muscles! emoticon

It's been a great beginning. The main difference I've noticed is my to-do lists are being done, and then some! Wheee! Time to run to the grocery, whip up a salad, get my yoga workout in, finish the last load of laundry, make dinner, and pack for our get-away this weekend. Did someone say something about Extra Energy? emoticon

Hope you are all happy and healthy!
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