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My own worse enemy

Friday, July 26, 2013

I sometimes feel like I am my own worse enemy. If I had a magic wand, I'd create my own personal trainer. Someone who would be sure I made out my meal menu for the week and kept track that I ate what I had listed. Make sure I kept up with whatever exercises I had planned for the day. I don't track, just can't get into that routine. I hated it when I did do it, but it did help to keep me in range.

Since I don't always seem to be able to do this myself, it is so easy to let things slide, I need to keep in mind the things I've read, like the blog I read earlier today by Vlinder2013.

I need to do this for me and not to get points for a challenge. Sometimes I only do enough to get by, but I need to do more. But, I can very easily talk myself out of doing what I should be doing.

Bad me....slap my hands and stand in the corner.....doing squats or calf raises.

No more on again off again. I'm taking charge and doing what needs to be done, but would still be nice to have a conscious to nag me into making sure it gets done. The buddy system always seems to fizzle out after a while. Everyone has their own problems and life to contend with, so I'll be my own buddy. A person needs to be accountable to themself eventually.

So, I'm not going to be my own worse enemy any more.

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    Such wise friends you have Court! Life IS an adventure and a journey and not a diet with a beginning and an end date. We are LIVING and as such we have ups and downs and good and bad. You have to find what does work for you because otherwise you will rebel against it, fight it and ultimately not do it and it won't work. Sometimes that takes a looooong time and lots of trial and error but you CAN and you WILL find YOUR happy place that works for you and makes this journey more palatable (yes, it's all about food) emoticon But it can be all about food and still a funderful thing too so find COURT's way and embrace it and run with it full of joi de vivre! emoticon
    1694 days ago
    I have this problem, too! When I track, I do well. But I HATE tracking. I make too many recipes, changing them up, etc., and it takes me a good hour every day to track. A big pain in the behind. So I don't do it.

    And exercise... on/off... today I did the most I've done in a few weeks, and it felt great! But I need to push myself and do it again tomorrow. I know I CAN--just like I know YOU can!!--I just have to make myself... LOVE myself enough to do it.

    You CAN do it! You are worth it, and it won't take as much effort as you think. Besides, you will be so happy and proud of yourself when you are done!! Be sure to boast about it on SP, too--we'll continue to cheer you on!!
    1695 days ago
    Create a devil and angel persona to sit on each shoulder or make an imaginary good cop /bad cop. Let these guys duke it out when it comes to your choices----one at a time. It might help you get in better touch with yourself and be a great buddy to YOU-Kris
    1695 days ago
    I have this problem, too. I did really well until a few weeks ago, and then BAM, it's was on-again-off-again, and I can't make myself do what I know I need to do. But you're right. No more- it needs to stop! I can be accountable to me!

    emoticon You can do this!
    1697 days ago
    way to go!
    1698 days ago
  • KACAR51
    Sometimes doing things because we feel we "HAVE" to do them is hard. We want to rebel like we did when we were kids! To me tracking is one of the easiest things in this weight loss journey. I guess I just need to see it to know that I am doing what I "Need" to do to get healthy! emoticon emoticon
    1698 days ago
    We all have an inner child desperate to just have fun. Who wants to fight fun and easy? There was an old Calvin & Hobbes comic strip about that:

    Calvin:The TV listings say this movie has “adult situations.” What are adult situations?
    Hobbes:Probably things like going to work, paying bills and taxes, taking responsibilities...
    Calvin: Wow, they don’t kid around when they say “for mature audiences.”

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Perhaps the real hard part is deciding to choose to do the hard thing, and then just do it.
    1698 days ago
    I think we all feel that way at times. You can do this!!
    1698 days ago
  • DR1939
    If you hate to do menus develop a list of menus and then rotate them through a two-week or month-long period. You have to do some work at first but then it's just copying. Also if you find something is just okay, cut that out and find a substitute that you love. There's no reason to eat something you don't like. How do I know that the menu idea works, because that's how I solved my procrastination with menu making.
    1698 days ago
    I've been having computer problems. Mine crashed so have to find one to track. Tracking is the only thing that keeps me honest. I've lied to myself for so long about so many things....it feels like confession for the soul. You'll find your own rhythm but I hope you'll stick with SP.
    "I didn't cheat at school
    or take what wasn't mine...
    but oh, how many times I lied
    about feelings I kept inside."

    And I did a damn good job of stuffing them down with food!!
    1698 days ago
    Both friend and enemy reside within us. One lives by the rule of compassion, the other by the rule of hard knocks. Though potential influence of either extreme is inevitable, our actions bear witness to the one we embrace. -T.F. Hodge
    1698 days ago
    I wouldn't call myself bad. You are learning, like the rest of us, how to best do SP and mistakes are a normal and needed part of the process. I rather make mistakes trying than be bored. Life is an adventure and a journey. Keep up the good work and thanks for trusting us with your feelings.
    Love, Chelsea emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1698 days ago
    Don't be so hard on yourself. We all struggle but as long as we don't give up we're still successful!
    1698 days ago
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