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When children return home.

Friday, July 26, 2013

One of my Sons has come home to live with me again. He has an apartment in Wisc and I live in Ill. He and his partner have 2 business locations and one being in Wisc and one in Ill they are only about 1 hours apart, but about 1.30-1.45 to my house

There is a falling out personally, but professionally they are still partners.

I feel for him as a mom... but he is a grown 34 year old man. I am treating him like a grown man. I don't pick up after him, I make him buy his own food, of course I share what is here, it is just that I DO NOT cook for him any more, I don't wake him up, or question what or where he is going etc...

I think the relationship is very different now, it is rather nice to talk to him as an adult. Of course I still tell him what I think of certain situations and I think he is appreciative of the fact that I'm still his mom and this is a haven for him as he figures out the next step for his life.

The pluses for me is that I now have someone who can help me with certain things! Last Sunday he helped me clean out the gutters. and helped me with cutting the lawn. Plus it is fun to make him laugh, as my kids have the same sarcastic bent as I do, it is rather funny when they get me with the things I used to tell then!

Life is full of surprises, never thought one of my kids would ask to move back home. I hope he stays long enough to save some real money to put down on a condo between the 2 locations.

Be open to what life throws at you...... make the most of it.
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