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Note to Self: It's not a good idea to drink hydrogen peroxide.

Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm not feeling very fit because I drank a mouthful of peroxide. No I wasn't swishing. I mistook what was in the glass for water. The bottle says to not drink it. And call a medical control officer if you do.

Now, you need a plan for handling those issues, because by the time I called 911 and they rerouted me to Poison Control, I was panicking. I'm talking like a fire drill plan, only this would be what to do if you do something stupid.

So the nice man at the poison control center assured me I wasn't dying. But after he told me what to do and what I could expect, he had to ask me how old I was.

Up until that point, I thought he had been very kind, but having to tell him I was 64, old enough to know better was REALLY like rubbing salt in an old wound.

Go ahead. You can get a good laugh at my expense.

By the way, you don't feel like driving down to town for a water dance class after drinking hydrogen peroxide. Even if you love the class and it only happens once a week, and you won't be back in town for 3 months.

I wouldn't recommend you try to use it as an excuse for getting out of your workout this weekend!
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