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A post I made on the team message board (Living Healthy in our 40's) & WARNING at end of Post

Friday, July 26, 2013

My favourite part of the Spark People site? Tracking food, exercise & goals; commenting on others blogs; giving Spark Goodies; reading the health content; Syncing with FitBit now and message boards are my favourite parts. The articles are usually informative as well~ Spark People is a good site but I have found in terms of other resources these have helped the most on my journey--

How to Eat Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman an excellent resource for me. Its a giant cookbook really but has a lot of good info even if you just want to add more plant based food in your dietary plan.
This Crazy Vegan Life by Christina Pirello is another great resource with recipes, guidelines and exercise ideas. I've learned a lot from these two books alone and following being mostly a vegan eater is a lot easier with these 2 resources.

www.happycow.net is good to find vegan restaurants
www.lunchinabox.net is good for bento and lunch ideas
www.101cookbooks.com has a good vegetarian section

I find various workout videos on YouTube mainly but also on Spark People; I do not go to a gym so it helps with variety. I prefer working out and walking on my own for the most part so I rely on YouTube to practise different styles of exercise. I find many Tae-Bo, Dance, Yoga and Aerobic workouts over there. I like to use Spark People's videos for Yoga and strength training so I can track calories burned better.

I think planning/tracking food and exercise helps me to be pretty successful. In terms of motivation I just like working out really and staying with walking has kept me ready for lifetime fitness and being healthy. Yoga has helped with balance, coordination, overall stress reduction and flexibility. Dance, Tae-Bo and Aerobics has helped with my core strength and increasing my energy. I have to admit the articles on Strength Training are pretty much the strongest motivator for me to insure I stay with exercise & gaining strength and overall better health!

EDIT--The sun left and its overcast & the rain came, its pretty light though! The weather hasn't been as wild as I thought it would be this week. I got in an hour of walking this morning. I had to stop because I was feeling a little strange (lightheaded I think it was) so I'll do another 40 minutes or so, later on the treadmill likely. Then afterward its yoga and I think that is sufficient for the day!
I am round 9000 steps to 70K and it isn't as difficult as one may think to get to 70K even with 2 lazy days. I like lazy days even if my brain whispers to me "You should be out there walking Kayah, a little walking never hurt anyone." It's what all this exercise and healthy living does to me.

I am a little too sedentary on my non-walk days. I don't think Yogilates registers so much to FitBit & Spark People. I haven't forgotten my strength training goals for September. Its time to quit the excuses, hemming & hawing as my grandmother would say. I've been reading articles on strength training and how important it is to do. I'm sure if I had been doing it from the beginning my weight loss would be a little more than it is but the weight loss isn't as important to me as being healthy as a whole. Plus I started at 140 and I am down to 137. (I am 5"6 1/2, 137 pounds and I am very much in weight range for my height. The doctor said so, 4 different sites I checked out say so. I feel confident I'm alright there.) Anyhow, I said before I just didn't want to look in the mirror or wake up one day and need to lose 40-50 pounds, which would be even more difficult. Plus being healthy and strong keeps the doctor away and a host of health ills I don't want to come down with.
Plus that strength training will firm and tone up some spots that walking and Yogilates will not.

HEY WARNING TIME HERE--Yesterday I checked my mail and there was just one letter in there and I thought it may be from someone I knew since the address looked handwritten. SO WRONG. It was from US Airlines and I'm like there isn't such an airline in the industry. It reads like you may have won an award for Round Trip airfare tickets worth up to $1200. It says they have tried to contact me repeatedly without success, A BLATANT LIE, so that alone raises my BS alert. It asks you to call an 800 number, which I did not. If I don't respond by July 31st they will award the prize to someone else. Good I say because I looked it up on the internet. Apparently when you call the number you are speaking to a marketing rep in Arizona who is trying to get you to go to a presentation for a Travel Agency/Time Share type of deal. No thanks lol. I say its a scam but online they stop short of saying it is. Apparently its a prevalent thing and many people have received the letters. The letter is typed and it is signed by some cat named Al Reed I think it was. Just shred the envelope and letter and forget about it, its more trouble than its worth. Its some dude or corporation trying to make money on time share for holiday rentals~
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    I LIVE IN ARIZONA, I get the scammy letters with the 800 numbers ALL the TIME!! Once they enclosed a gift card offer for JCPenny's for $100.00. Just out of spite I called them, and it WAS a time share thing, and I told them I had NO money, but the lady said to go anyway!!. It was only a 30 min drive for me and DH. And we went and had a 80.00 dinner and it was awesome TexMex, walked through the time share, and suffered through the marketing presentation, I kept broken record saying I told the lady I had no money but she said go, now where's my JCPenny's gift card. THose two salesmen were very very angry, but I stood my ground. In the end I got the gift card, and told the salesment to please be sure to take me off their sales list. I haven't gotten one in the mail since. Oh, and I bought 5 new bathroom Kathy Smith Sage colored rugs. They are very nice. LOL. Just thought I would share my story with you.

    I am bookmarking your blog, so I can go back to the sites. I have been cooking vegan 3 or more days a week. I NEED MORE RECIPES!! Will look at the cookbooks you recommend too...Thank you!!! Good blog!!
    1694 days ago

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  • LETHA_
    I have used happy cow many times to find vegan restaurants when traveling. It's great that you are sharing your favorite resources.
    1694 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your favorite resources. emoticon
    Mark Bittman's book is pretty good, I use it myself. Didi Emmons and Mollie Katzen are two others I respect, food-wise.
    I think you're right on in planning and tracking. I need to do this, too
    1694 days ago
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