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Thursday, July 25, 2013

August 15 is right around the corner. That was the date when I started back with Spark People for myself.

Then, all I could manage was to have my dog walk me around the block, and she did a lot of waiting for me.
Now, I do a lot of waiting for my dog. And I walk at least a mile every morning and evening. Sometimes the dog stays home and I finish the mile in 15 minutes. I have planned to do a 5 k walk outdoors tomorrow or at the gym on the treadmill if the weather is bad. Until I did the 5K your Way challenge I had never trained for any thing physical, and I had never walked more than a mile at any one time.
Then I was exercising when I got up from the recliner to go to the bathroom. Today, I did a tabata class in the deep end of the pool--a combination of intensive cardio and strength. I can actually see my biceps. Triceps are another matter, entirely.

Food Plan:
Then my diet was definitely SAD, with not many fruits and veggies in sight.
Now, I average 15 servings of fruits and veg daily with lots of fiber, thanks to Full Plate Living.
Then I ate out in drive-thrus, fast food, and chain restaurants, but now, I hardly ever eat in a restaurant, unless I know I can find what I consider to be a delicious healthy meal there.

Then I wore plus size 24 26. Now I wear Missy size 16. I need to either buy a smaller belt or suspenders.
Then I could only get the three middle fingers in the moldable plastic leash retractor. Now all four fingers all the way up past the knuckles.
I wish I had brought my scale with me because I'm sure I have lost more weight. I leave some warm clothes here at the house in NC, year round. The last bunch I left on Jan. 31 no longer fit. Oh they are okay to wear when it's chilly in the morning on the porch having my cup of tea. But I certainly couldn't wear them anywhere. It's time to donate them where they will do some good!

Then I had high blood pressure: 145/98 but it was 119/63 the beginning of June.
I have been increasing anti angiogenic foods. Dr. Li thinks those foods can help a lot of things like preventing cancer, getting obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, and heart disease under control. So I start the Eat to Defeat Cancer, Fat Cells, and More . . . Team to make that information available to other members.
But I can't seem to get my sodium under 1000 like Dr. Fuhrman wants. It's not a matter of resistance on my part. Maybe ignorance. It's a matter of figuring out how to get rid of about 500 mg because I am consistently eating around 1400 mg a day. The Eat to Live team has helped me figure out that program and how to make it work for my health.
In September my Doctor told me I needed to wear compression stockings. In May he told me I don't, since I had lost so much weight.
Then I had foot neuropathy, but now I don't need to take pain medicine as long as I do at least one deep water workout in the pool every day. I'm glad I live in Florida!!
Then I was always fatigued, blaming it on lasting effects of 4 years of chemotherapy. Now I get a good night's sleep, never feel tired unless it's time to go to bed or I'm trying to catch something. The SP Sleep Challenge helped with a good night's sleep. Changing what I ate and steadily losing the 65 pounds that I know of, has given me tons of energy.
Then I had no clue what living for health really meant. Now I think I'll probably be revising that idea for the rest of my life, but I've embraced me and said, I will be as healthy as possible, even to the point of eating more fruits and vegetables to prevent a third recurrence of cancer.


What a list of NSVs! I've been away from home, staying in NC, fixing meals on my plan, and going to the wellness center for great pool classes and to use the treadmill when it was storming. I have even hiked up and down the mountain I live on up here. I've NEVER done that since I bought the house in 2008. I've established these habits with the help of streaks, trackers, official challenges, and little challenges at teams like Weekly Challenge(s). I especially like the challenge I'm doing right now called Links in a Chain. With that strategy, you link a new habit you want to establish to a good successful habit that is already established to help you connect doing the new thing with the old. Sometimes it takes a lot of thought to figure out what that link should be. But the good thing is, if it doesn't help you establish a new habit, you can always stop, and go back to the drawing board.

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