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Time to Leave "Justice" in God's Hands

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Would you question my justice, deem me guilty so you can be innocent? Job 40:8

Woo Wee, it feels as if life has been having her way with me! Can I get a witness! I shouldn’t complain it could always be worse. I do admit one thing that has not come out of my mouth these past six weeks is what else could possibly go wrong? (I didn’t need the invitation, it seems the devil was always happy and willing to oblige) What do we do? Where do we go when we are doing everything we know to do, but one thing after another goes south? Well, lol, glad you’ve asked, and to be honest, I am still asking that question myself but let’s give this a stab, shall we. If there is one thing I utterly despise in life, it is injustice, and I keep feeling like my plate has been quite full. Oh well, I suppose, who doesn’t have an earful of problems to throw around right? I guess the bigger issue at hand is what should I do about it now, now that the damage is done?

You see, often times we cannot control many things in life, sure it may look like we can, and some of us, myself included at times, go to great lengths to ensure nothing is out of place and nothing gets by us. There sure is an awful lot of time and stress that goes into that type of thinking though, don’t you think? I mean if we really trusted God we’d rest a little better right? We wouldn’t worry so much, be so “wrapped” up in things, yeno what I mean? If one of my older children were made fun of as a small child it was so tempting for me “as the adult” to correct that child. To inform that child that what he or she said was not true, and that my child was indeed the cream of the crop. It was tempting, but often times I remained silent. I watched as my child emoted. I watched him speak up, or sit out depending on his mood. Sometimes it was great comic relief, other times it stung, as if I myself were being verbally lashed out at it, but as a parent, I always committed that kind of stuff to God, and to the skills he had tucked into each of my kids.

When we were out of the situation, at home where it was safe, I’d ask questions. Well, how did so and so make you feel? Are you ok? Do you know that what he said isn’t true? Did you handle it the way you wanted to, or do you think next time you’d handle it better? I remember sitting down with my oldest daughter at four having these conversations with her and then allowing her to respond. If there was ever an unresolved issue, we’d pray and then we’d role play so that next time the interaction would not catch her off guard, and she would be prepared to handle an incoming barrage. Pretty soon she got really good at it, (maybe too good, lol) and then I had to teach her how to lose gracefully, and how not to pick on others, and on and on and on.

I have to think about that in relationship to how God deals with us. God does not always take us out of difficult situations. Sometimes he watches, he listens, and he waits to see how we are going to respond. He too wonders how we will react, and as his test continues, he takes notes. Then when he sees it appropriate he interacts with us, and tells us what we could have done better, how he’d like to see us improve, and most importantly, he begins to equip us in this unbeknown area to us so that we will continue to reflect more and more of His character, the character of his precious Son Jesus. How amazing the thought! What a kind and gracious God, but how many of us can see him like that in such tough and perplexing situations? Humph. I will admit, I have not always “aced” these tests, sometimes I’m lucky to come out with a D! What then? Does God simply turn us aside and say well, enough is enough already, I’ve wasted enough valuable time on you, on to the next kid! No, no, no, instead just like any good parent, he waits. He waits for us to stop crying and screaming and kicking (either literally or in the spirit) and when we are finally settled down enough he speaks. What’s that? Jesus, you’re still there?! You haven’t abandoned me?! SERIOUSLY! Jesus is like yup, I’m still here kiddo, and good luck getting rid of me ;)

You see when God says Jesus sticks closer than a brother, he means it. Now that doesn’t always mean we feel him or sense his presence. Boy those times are great though, aren’t they?! No, sometimes we must use our minds, our wills and our emotions to find God. Sometimes, our spirit man is very quiet because God is trying to teach us something we would otherwise not care to see if he did not turn down that sweet, sweet presence just a notch. I’m gonna level with you. I HATE FEELING SEPERATED FROM GOD. No wonder Jesus cried out, Father, Father why have you forsaken me! He couldn’t stand it either! Once you have tasted of God’s sweet, holy presence you MUST have it.

I guess that’s why when he is really quiet, and I am dying for direction, I start freaking out a little bit. If there is ever a time I panic, it’s when I don’t hear Jesus on a continual basis all day. I absolutely hate that. Yes, I said hate, because it’s so stinkin’ true! What’s a girl to do though? It’s not like I have anywhere to go back to? I have tried everything the world has to offer, and to that I say a big, fat no thanks. So what am I to do? Well, part of me gets so itchy I want to change my circumstances. I start thinking I know, I’ll move, lol, or get a job, or start some grand new endeavor, that will fix my itch right? Humph. I don’t even want to admit to you how many times I went around THAT mountain. Let me save you some time, you want God’s very best for your life, you may have to waaaiiitttt. Yes, Fam, I said wait.

Oh, how we hate to wait, ESPECIALLY in this society and culture, oy. We live in a day and age that says if you make me wait, I’ll run you over so fast your head won’t have time to catch up and when I’m done with you you’ll be beggin’ your mama for mercy. It’s crazy out there?! It’s fast and furious and violent. And here comes God. I own all eternity and time, so I say wait. I’m like seriously. He’s like…yes. Then what? Well, if you’ve got a lick of sense to yourself, you’ll wait. If not, (been there, done that) you won’t, and all kinds of cool stuff might happen like you might birth an Ishmael, ooo, fun, or how about you become a pillar of salt, never to behold daylight again, ooo, oo, or my personal favorite, you miss God’s will completely…scowl-y face…of course, I’m kidding, but you get the idea, and you get how mature I am in this area…not much, lol.

However, I have determined this time, I will wait. I will wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. And I will not move a muscle until God says go. Why?! Because Fam, I have been down this road the last time. I will not settle for anything, but God’s best and perfect will for my life. I have too much invested into this thing. Too many tears, too many years, too many well, every thang, so yeah, I wait. I agonize in my waiting, but I wait. I want to pull my hair out in my waiting, but I wait, and you want to know a secret, because I am waiting, not moving, even though it is KILLING my flesh, God is speaking again. Wanna know what he said about this? Oh, man, God is so funny. He said, ok, good girl, you realize you need to wait, NOW, my beloved daughter, hang it up and kiss it goodnight. WA-WA-WHAT?! God, are you sure that is you? Oh, yes, God says, indeed, I am telling you,

Now there was one other time in my life where God told me to hang something up, and it hurt like a…well, you know. It has been eight years since that trial, and it has only been the last three and a half that I got over that. I told you, I’m a very, very stubborn one ;) Anyhow, this time, no this time, not only am I hanging it up, I am folding it up neatly, packing it away and not even mentioning, nor thinking about it until the Lord says, “DING, time’s up” now you may proceed. I am determined not to waste one more precious moment of my time or breath on something God says not right now too. My days of arguing with the Almighty are over. Simply, I am just not that smart. So I encourage you, is there something Daddy is saying, ah, ah, ah, that is mine, won’t you give that to me? Is there something that is weighing you down, stressing you out, something you are trying your hardest to control, but you are utterly frustrated because God is not in it right now? If so, let’s pray!

Father, I love you. You are so magnificent and kind, no matter what I may say when I’m in a bad mood. Oh, Lord you know the depths of our hearts, yet you love us! I love you Daddy. Forgive me for making life about anything more than you. Forgive me when I step off of the deep end or when I stay too long in the kiddie pool, either one makes me look like a prune, so Lord would you help me know when to get out of the pool ? Would you further teach us balance and grace, how to wait kindly? Would you wreck us with your mercy hand of justice? Would you consume us so that all that is left is your blazing atonement and sacrifice for our unfathomable disobedience and hate towards you? Lord, we all hated you and were your enemies before you called us to your side. Thank you for your redemption, thank you for your mercy and grace and limitless, boundless love. You rule! I love you. I love you. Lord, we love you so much.

Do the work that only you can do. Thank you that when all the dust settles, even the mountains, that you remain. Lord, you remain. The Devil may rise against us a hundred, yea, even a thousand times, but Lord, you are there with your limitless fury against sin to smack him right back into his place. Thank you that I don’t have to pretend to be anybody that I am not. Thank you that you speak “Rachel” and that you love me quirks and all. I guess that’s why I love you so much because I know how very much you love me. Jesus, show each one the fullness of your love. May they know you more intimately, more personally than they could have ever, ever imagined in your precious Son’s name I pray. Amen ;)

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    Glad you are back!! Happy day!
    1602 days ago
    Well said. I'm waiting, myself. It's no fun. But it IS a learning expeirence. Shel
    1603 days ago
    God's way is the best way - even if we don't understand it now.
    1604 days ago
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