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Ya gotta laugh! DH's experience at rehab.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Of course he hates it and wants to come home. But he is noticeably stronger.

We sat in a hallway and chatted tonight. There is a large window there. That hall has a fan and is a bit wider than most of the halls. It is pretty comfortable and we could watch the 'hustle and bustle' such as it is in any nursing home environment.

Well apparently the ladies have found my husband! One rolled up in her wheelchair and stroked his arm and asked if she could adjust his leg. He said --no thanks. She hung around and chatted for awhile! Very interesting for me to see, Then an aide came by and tried to convert us to her religion. I guess that is what she was doing. She even showed us her chest scar where she had cancer removed! She said my husband was a dear and made no trouble and was very calm. We really wanted her to leave so I made some jokes way off of her topic. Hubby sees himself as mean and not friendly at all. We saw a sign once that said "Big, ugly dog, bite." It is now a family joke and I made a sign for his room . He likes to think of himself that way. So to this woman I mentioned that phrase ans said that my husband was like that. DH and I laughed but she did not know what to make of it. She left shortly after that.

Then his roommate came by in his wheelchair pushed by a nurse. It was quite a parade with various people in wheelchairs and various states of brain power going by. I felt like any minute Jesus would come along and heal the multitudes.

One woman was being taken for a shower and was covered in white to be transported there.

One woman went by and needed the hallway siderail to move down the hallway. She got to the end of the wall and did not know what to do. Finally she figured it out and kept going by pushing her wheels.

I saw lots tonight. I am struck by my perspective and my husbands. He thinks it is horrible and depressing. I see it as part of life and I am glad people are being cared for.

I had a very interesting evening. chris
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    The women usually outnumber the men in nursing homes.

    That aide should be reported for her inappropriate evangelizing...that is always against policy.


    1699 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    Great blog and nice to hear your both able to get a little "couple" time. My DH hated the week he spent in rehab but I wasn't pleased with them-they wanted to treat him more as just another patient and would not listen to all his "problems". They wanted him to walk 100 steps-mind you he had to severly sprained wrists, had had shoulder surgery about 3 mo before, a broken heel and a broken hip Pretty hard to use a walker but he did it so they would let him out!!! It can be motivating.
    1700 days ago
    being sick or in pain is not fun. somepeople, mostly men, find it hard to let themselves recover when being sick. I try to find things that are funny to cheer me up when i dont feel well.
    1701 days ago
    My father was an absolute grouch, especially with my mother. When he was admitted to a nursing home because of Alzheimer's, he showed a completely different side of his personality... the staff loved him, and he was chosen to have his picture in the paper a couple of times, once doing a craft and once planting flowers. The other day, a friend told me that her sister, who has a massive stroke and had to go into a nursing home, changed from a very proper, prudish woman to one who talked about sex all the time... wonder what we will be like?
    1702 days ago
    I loved your blog today, it is so true. My mom is permanently in a nursing home and we are grateful that she has good care; she went in thinking it would be temporary, but came to realize that she could not function alone in her apartment any more. She resisted going in for a long time! She still doesn't interact with the other residents much but she has lots of visitors from the retirement community. We were all so worried about her falling!
    1702 days ago
    emoticon It's like being in a different world isn't it?
    1702 days ago
  • LIS193
    It is great hat your husband is improving and that you can find time together to laugh!
    1702 days ago
  • PATTYR81
    I LOVE your perspective!

    My 88 yr old dad just got out of a 18 day hospital/rehab stay (8 hosp/10 rehab). He lives in a REALLY NICE assisted living apt place, so was NOT happy about being in the 'institutional' environments. He had some cognitive impairment and kept asking when he could go home. My standard answer was he needed to focus on getting stronger and doing physical therapy so he could go home. That environment MOTIVATED him to push his exercise and therapy so was released before the projected time. emoticon

    I was shocked and saddened by many I saw there. At first, all I could think about was their situations from MY perspective- what I had that they didn't. Now I'm thinking about it from THEIR perspective that that they have a clean, nice, safe place to live, plenty to eat and are receiving good care.

    1702 days ago
    Sounds like they need a camera for a new reality show! Glad he is on the mend!
    1702 days ago
    Sounds like the hallway is the social media spot!
    1702 days ago
    Hi Chris, glad you found the humour in the hallway! ..
    I am now visiting Colin in High Care Nursing Home. He is not able to be at home anymore ..
    I also see patients in various situations and they can be amusing too ..
    I take Bobby to see Colin every morning and Bobby visits with the other residents too .. He is giving a lot of pleasure there. Hugs my friend ..Susie emoticon emoticon
    1702 days ago
    I am glad you are finding laughter in your journey.Wishing fast healing.
    1702 days ago
    Great blog and I am so happy that you are finding it is helping with his strength.
    1702 days ago
    It sounds like a worthwhile experience, even if it isn't his favorite. My Mom went in an assisted living place & loves it. She is the only one. She even likes the food. It definitely cheers the others up to have her around.
    My favorite thing to see in the hospital is the guys heading to the showers on a commode chair. They are all wrapped up in flannel on the top, but the boys are feeling the breeze about eight inches below the seat. So much for modesty!
    Enjoy the bit of a break that you are getting - you sure deserve it.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1702 days ago
    1702 days ago
    My mother hated rehab the first time and came home too soon. Next round of surgery she agreed that she would recover faster there and had a great time with her room mate. I guess it is always easier when you aren't the one needing the help. I pray your Husband is home soon.
    1702 days ago
  • RAMONA1954
    I'm so glad he's in rehab and getting stronger. A nursing home puts a lot of things in perspective and for some people it's a nightmare. My Dad was in one after knee replacement surgery for rehab. He hated it and everything about it. The thing that strikes me as the poor souls who have no one who ever visits and are so lonely. Makes you think a bit. Good luck on his rehab!
    1702 days ago
    At least your husband is in for rehab and has prospects of going home. We are facing the fact that soon my Mom can't be taken cared for at home anymore. She refuses to go but my 91 year old Dad is having a hard time caring for her. It's really sad. Today's visit was very upsetting. Too many people sticking their noses into Moms business and trying to rule her. Today the physical therapist insisted they sell their house and both go into a nursing home. Dad doesn't say much but after she left, he said he won't give up his house and he doesn't need the home yet. He loves his garden and raising veggies. Can't do that at a home. If you take away their likes what are they going to do, sit in a chair and just wait to die??

    You are right, everyone has a different perspective about them.
    1702 days ago
    He's seeing it as he's not getting everything his way, as he's used to. You're seeing it as he's getting the help and attention he needs that's getting to be difficult on you, while you get to have a breather from the constant caretaking for the first time in too long. That's very different perspectives. I think giving him the sign and maybe making it feel a little more like home (put some pictures of you and your daughter nearby, bring him a special treat, or bring him a special blanket or something like that) will help him see that he's not being punished, he's getting the help he needs to be healthier; help that - right now - is too much for you to provide by yourself. I'm sure somewhere deep inside he appreciates all you do and understands why things are as they are, but if he doesn't acknowledge it then he doesn't have to accept it.
    1702 days ago
    Very good.
    1702 days ago
    We even when not so Good care for them We see anyone caring for others as a blessing because of the difference of our position
    1702 days ago
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