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The "Trigger Foods" Assignment #4 Sum5% Challenge

Thursday, July 25, 2013

For the purpose of this assignment a Trigger Food is defined as the one that gets you off course; you are not truly hungry yet you are eating. A Trigger Situation is where you are, who you are with and what you are doing when this happens. Example – you are home alone, watching TV and you eat a cookie, then another and soon you are looting the kitchen for anything that looks good. Or you had good intentions about going out for dinner with a friend, but a high calorie appetizer and then a big dessert also landed in front of you. An hour later you regret that the binge and don’t even want to think how many calories you just consumed! You tell yourself, I know better, why did I do it? I won’t do that again!

Let's assess the Triggers -

List ALL your trigger foods.
Tortilla chips
Cookies of any kind
French fries, potato wedges...
(Do you see the carb pattern?)

Is it a snack food or part of a meal? The snack eaten during the meal (lol)
Are they sweet or salty? Both
Hot, cold or room temperature? Mainly room temp unless potatoes.
Carbs, comfort foods? Carbs (did you read the list?)

What are the sources of the Triggers Foods? Is it a fast food restaurant? Drive thru? Food you order in? Grocery store? Convenience store? Meals at family or friends? Co-workers birthday cake? Treats from others?

Describe the most common situations where you reach for the trigger foods or snacks. When I haven't eaten in hours and haven't prepared a meal. Then I just grab and eat while preparing to really eat... Then it's overkill.
What room are you in? kitchen
what time is it? anytime between morning and 8 pm.
what are you doing? usually ive been busying myself with other things and have been to lazy to prepare a meal. (i only eat anything twice a day with at least 4-5 hours of NOTHING in between but water... but when i dont plan, i end uo eating more than necessary.
who is with you and how do you feel? Sometimes dd is near by no emotions just hunger... LOL
Are you tired? Sometimes
Are you eating to feel better? There have been times when i have.
Are you rewarding yourself? Yes, now that i think of it sometimes i am.
Soothing yourself? Sometime.
Are you bored? No.
By getting the food how does it make what you are doing better? It doesnt.
What should you be doing at that time? Eating a real meal instead of snacking to eat. Then it turns into a two hour meal.

Do you see a pattern? Yep.
What types of foods are you reaching for? Carbs
Does convenient access make a difference? It's in my kitchen, so yes.
How can you better handle the situations to avoid the triggers and not binge or eat more than you should? PLAN!!!!! Have set times to eat. Sit and chew slowly so my stomach knows it's getting fed. Lastly, set an amount of time to accomplish the meal, not to be in a rush, but to focus and enjoy the time. No sparking while eating, for example. ;)

That is what this assignment is about - how will you not do that again? Plan my meals.
Can you pick a replacement habit or behavior that will cause you to pause, and think do I really want to do this, and why? I will pray.

my plan:
1) make a shopping list and get an idea of what I want to eat.
2) make a weekly menu.
3) log my menu onto MFP... Count my cals.
4) don't take a holiday from counting calories
5) if I fall off, know that i can do it right the next day!

What did you learn from doing this assignment? I recognized (once again) that I do emotionally eat.
Anything else to add? Nope.

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