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Almost out of calories for the day...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Here I am at 3:00 in the afternoon, and I have already tracked 1150 calories!

I did not plan out my eating today at all. Can't you tell?

I will have a 200-300 calorie dinner and call it a day when it comes to food.

What will I have for dinner?

I probably will have 1/2 cup of canned salmon, mixed with light mayo and chopped fresh onion.
That is a favorite satisfying protein-rich meal for me.
Maybe I'll nibble on some cucumber slices with that.

The best question, though, is: Why do I find myself in this situation? and How can I prevent this from happening again?

First of all, my husband and I went out for breakfast.
I had scrambled eggs, a sausage patty, some home-fried potatoes, and half an English muffin with butter and jam on it.
That all added up to 650 calories.

Then, we went shopping. We got home around 2:30, and I felt hungry. Rather than wait to prepare myself a lunch, I reached for a handful of health mix (nuts and cranberries).

It tasted good, so I reached for another.

By the time I finished, that health mix became my lunch.
I had eaten a cup of it -- adding up to another 500 calories.

So here I am.
I am determined not to go over my calories for the day.

I will have the salmon for dinner - and then stop eating.

Tomorrow is another day.

What will I do differently tomorrow?

I will start the day with my usual breakfast of whole wheat toast with cottage cheese melted on it with some sugar and cinnamon.
That comes to about 250 calories and leaves me lots of flexibility for the rest of the day's meals.

I do not plan every meal for the day ahead of time.
I don't like the idea of eliminating all spontaneity from my food choices throughout the day.

Spontaneity, of course, is what got me into trouble today with that health mix. I realize that.

But, still, I want to keep my food options open each day to the extent that I can.

It feels less like a diet regimen and more like normal eating when I don't plan everything out in detail ahead of time.

You might say I'm trying to keep the romance and mystery in my relationship with food. LOL

And tomorrow I get a clean slate to start over with again....
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  • JEANNE229
    Aren't "tomorrows" grand?
    1702 days ago
    Love it! You are indeed "keep(ing) the romance and mystery in my relationship with food"

    I do plan me weekday meals and my breakfast is 600 calories smoothie (4 fruits - whatever is in season, protein powder, chia seeds, flaxseed, avocado and soy-milk), followed by oatmeal later in the morning. I've been adding a tablespoon of olive oil to my Greek yogurt and dipping veggies for lunch (6 now that they are in season) and enjoy a 1/4 cup of walnuts and apple for snack later in the day. Leaves enough calories for dinner and a glass of wine.
    1702 days ago
    I love the comment about the romance and mystery of food! That really hit home.
    I have to try melting cottage cheese.....this stuff actually melts?
    1702 days ago
    I eat to my plan every day,but I can be creative with my planning. In the old days (which I remember) all meals took time to prepare, so some kind of planning was essential. During WWII, Mondays were always the same, Tuesdays, etc, based on time of year. Eating out wasn't an option. These days of so many restaurants, we are accustomed to choosing a restaurant, then choosing from a menu. Home isn't like that. You make your choices before heading to the store for provisions. I eat out very seldom because I need the control of planning before my druthers come into play.
    1702 days ago
    I find I am placing my meals in as I eat them...probably not a good way to track. I AM making good choices but probably would be better off PLANNING THEM.
    1702 days ago
    Best of luck...hope it works for you!

    1702 days ago
    Usually the night before, I'll kind of write down a skeleton of a menu. Just the main part - like "smoothie for breakfast" without details as to what fruit, if any, that I'll put in it. Then my main meal, I jotted down "chicken". (and take whatever I need to out of the freezer) As it turned out, I made chicken salad with mayonnaise and had a bell pepper and some broccoli with it. I won't eat another meal today, but will have a beverage, such as an Italian soda or something - or maybe even a glass of wine.. both would have about the same calories.

    1702 days ago
    I admire your determination to come in under your calories.
    1703 days ago
    It happens to a lot of us. You are so right, :Tomorrow is another day:
    1703 days ago
    When that happens for me I often make a pot of veggie soup for supper. I do find, though, if I'm too hungry to sleep, it makes more sense to have 100 calories of yogurt, even if I go over, than to lay awake.

    You have analyzed your situation well and know what options will work for you. Best wishes in carrying out your plan.

    One other options you may want to consider is a 5pm to 4:59pm tracking "day". That way when you are out of calories it is in the afternoon which may be easier to deal with than being out of calories for supper and bedtime snack. I have done that successfully at times. -Marsha
    1703 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    I can so relate to this happening. The only thing different I would do for dinner is put the salmon on a big bowl of lettuce leaves. I would either use FF dressing or lemon on that salad along with the cucumbers. If I had tomatoes I would add that too! Ends up to be a much bigger (looking) meal with not a whole lot of calories.
    I like planning my meals for the day, but I am flexible if DH and I go out for breakfast. I just adjust from there.....I also carry a 90 calorie bar (Fiber one or Special K) in my purse at all times for emergencies. Glad you are not "beating yourself up" and know tomorrow starts with that clean slate.....Good for you!
    1703 days ago
    Maybe you are out of calories, but never out of food options emoticon

    Veggies Veggies Veggies.

    I run low some days also, so I "beef" up the veggies. There really is no reason to ever be hungry.

    I find that more protein in the morning, keeps me full for longer. Many mornings, I have more calories than the other meals, but it is because I am really not that hungry later after I break fast (whatever time that happens to be) I have cut out many foods that are just not filing for me, like breads, pastas, etc. They just leave me bloated and hungry again in no time.

    But you know what? Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the hubster, and after all, this is life. Some days you may find you go over by a little, and some days you come in under. It is all about the average over the week. I think it is actually better to have some higher calorie days, and then some lower calorie days. It keeps the body guessing, and keeps things humming along.

    You are doing fantastic by being aware on on top of things! emoticon
    1703 days ago
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