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The Clothes in My Closet

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last night was another of those nights where, after a day of wearing an XL blouse and realizing that it doesn't hang on me right anymore, I came home and asked fashion advice from my sister.

"What do you think of this?" I asked, standing in front of my door, my arms held out as the blouse draped like a tent over my much leaner body. I had bought the blouse this past spring - March? April? - and I was pretty sure it was finally time for one of my last XL garment to go.

My sister stood at the door to her room, across from mine, and put a hand on her chin. Her face got that intense, studying look before she quipped, "Yeah, it's finally time."

And that was that. I took off the garment and threw it in the wash, happy that one more item was on its way to another set of hands.

But there is a problem. A problem I had been noticing for a few weeks now, but hadn't really had the chance to do anything about.

You see, when I travel out of state, I tend to wear almost exclusively t-shirts. I had recently bought a slew at Gap and Old Navy, so I was good - no, more than good. I had a nice little selection of fitted tees for my casual pleasure.

The thing is, when I am in state, going to the office, I like to wear something a bit dressier. A nice blouse. A button-up shirt. Problem is, my wardrobe has slimmed down with my waistline - instead of a whole slew of blouses, I now had about 4 - two button-downs from Old Navy, my spring blouse (which may or may not be tentlike on me at this point), and the XL blouse that was now in the "To Wash and Donate" pile.

The difference between last year and this year is astonishing. Last year, yes, I had tons of clothes in my closet - but a good half of them I couldn't wear. I was too big. The other half that I could were ones from the Plus Size departments, and they weren't ones I really liked. When I shopped back when I was 268 pounds, I tended to look for things that fit and had nice colors. And by "fit", I mean it in the loosest sense of the word - none of the nice shirts I owned did I like and think looked fabulous on me. I didn't really think of fashion - other than in the "Wow that is so gorgeous, I wish they made it in my size/I wish I wasn't such a Chubster" way.

Now, over 100 pounds lighter, I struggle to figure out how to fit clothes on me. What looks good and what doesn't? What do I like and what do I not? I have way more choices now - I don't have to settle for something that conceals rolls of fat or is a decent color. I can find something that fits me the way I like - something that makes me feel sexy or flirty or fun or just plain happy to be alive and healthy and living my life.

So today, I think I'll be heading to Kohl's or maybe Macy's or some sort of clothes store. I'm going to pick up a couple of nice shirts to replace the ones gone in my closet. It'll be a lot of fun to wander the store and have pretty much everything at my fingertips - a feeling I don't think I've ever experienced in my life (childhood OR adulthood). I certainly won't break the bank - I've still got about 18 pounds to go before I reach my goal (OMG, I can't believe I can say that!!) - but I think a couple of nicely chosen shirts is good. It's a good pat-on-the-back to myself in addition to helping fill up my Spartan closet.
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  • KML410
    Good for you! New smaller clothes! Can't wait to be able to say that!
    1669 days ago
    Great! emoticon
    1671 days ago
    This is also where thrift shops/good will can be amazing. I always had a harder time finding larger sized clothes there. I know when I was plus size, I wore my clothes until they died. But at a slightly smaller size, I've done very well.

    It's been nice to have a transition wardrobe.

    1671 days ago
    Hi ! New clothes yea! I don't know if they have these stores in your area, but during my weight loss I have shopped a lot at Ross, Marshall's, & TJ Maxx. They have brand names marked down. I didn't want to spend a lot on "temporary" clothes either. These are not fancy stores but you can try on lots of things to see what styles fit your body best. You've worked so hard to get where you are you deserve to look good. Don't pay too much attention to the size - the most important thing is fit. You've seen both sides now - doesn't look good if its too small or too big !! Fashion can be a lot of fun when it's easier to find clothes. Enjoy !!! emoticon
    1672 days ago
    That's a great problem to have! Happy Shopping!! Reward yourself! Kohls has some great clothes and good prices especially on the clearance racks if you don't mind digging and spending some time.
    1672 days ago
    I'm sure You will find something you think is gorgeous.
    Have fun shopping!
    1672 days ago
    This Spring bought a few t-shirts in my new size. It was an amazing morale booster. Once I stopped hiding in folds of cloth, my weight loss was revealed for everyone in my office to see. I still get compliments, but they're different now. People now say, "Wow, I can't believe you've kept it off."

    I can believe it. This is me -- the one with the healthy habits!

    1672 days ago
  • SISSYP63
    You've done awesome! Before you know you will hit another goal! Happy clothes shopping to you!
    1672 days ago
  • WAGGO102
    I know the feeling! I'm down to TWO skirts that I can still wear to work, and one has been at the dry cleaner since last week!! I haven't let myself remove all of the too-big clothes from my closet yet, so it looks like I still have clothes to wear, but I don't!

    Have fun shopping!!! emoticon
    1672 days ago
    emoticon You deserve a shopping spree....100 pounds lost...oh my goodness girl...you surely do!!!

    Have fun!
    1672 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    I am in the same boat as you clothes-wise.

    I am currently rocking what I refer to as my micro-wardrobe... 2 pairs each of black trousers, jeans, and yoga pants plus assorted tees. That's pretty much it! I had to psych myself up to go shop and the upside is that I now know what size to get. I am also trying to figure out a set-point weight-wise and am still losing so I don't want to purchase too much - but do need items to get me through. We shall see!
    1672 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/25/2013 6:19:25 PM
    yay clothes shopping! I agree, clothes shopping is never fun or really fashion. find something that isn't terrible. i can't wait to get my sense of style back!
    1672 days ago
    You have done such a great job! I'm also amazed at what I'm able to wear in my closet now. I have always kept a bunch of old t-shirts that I wanted to fit back into, and over the weekend I unpacked them and some of them were too big! I look forward to be able to shop in "regular" parts of the stores and have the options that you will have when you go shopping! Congrats!!
    1672 days ago
    What an awesome feeling to shop in regular stores and have loads of choices. Well done on all your hard work and dedication which is why you are now reaping the benefits. You go girl and shop till you drop....then do a show and tell. emoticon
    1672 days ago
    You deserve a nice pat on the back! I'm excited for your clothes shopping. I myself have always been concerned with feeling fat in my clothes. I can't wait till I am at that point where it is all about the beautiful fashion and less about making sure it doesn't emphasize a 'bad' part of my body.

    Have fun!! :D emoticon
    1672 days ago
    1672 days ago
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