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Why is It That Gaining Weight Is So Easy?? And Losing....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday July 24th

So why is it that gaining weight is so easy ( my back looks like this right now)and losing weight is sooooo HARD?? .( I wat my back to look like this!) when I went shopping I made a mistake and went into a 3 wall mirror room! And as I was trying on a shirt I thought I liked... I noticed in the mirrors what had become of my back in those 3 months of eating and sitting on the couch being sick and feeling sorry for myself !! it wasn't pleasant! I was really sad today...I have been pushing so hard this month...sure I have lost some weight as my cloths are fitting not so tight and I do have less belly fat in fact my 6 pack is starting to show...just the upper and side abdominals...but my back sucks and so does my lower legs!! WHY is it soooo hard to lose weight?? I guess I should take a breather and think I did do this to myself in 3 months so I should be patient and eat right and exercise for 3 months at least before I get to mad at myself for ruining what I had accomplished and see where that gets me...hopefully that strong body I have been hoping and dreaming for ...for most of my life! I can't remember after the of age 10 of not trying to lose weight...I have been fighting this battle most of my life!! So hopefully if I keep on doing what I am doing...exercising everyday...following Chris Powell's carb cycle for my birthday present to myself come September 19th I will be tight and toned and a size 6!!

Before I left to the city today I did JNL Fusion Upper body Transformation...and with this workout JNL did 2 sets yes 2 sets of dreaded bupees! Each set had over 30 burpees lol lost count after 30!! But I did it! !! Got it done! More calories burnt! Another step closer to my goal! I ate great today even after being shocked at what I saw in that 3 way mirror room! Its low carb day...and I can feel it working...I am sluggish and a tad hungry...which means that it is working!!

This is my goal
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    ... that's how my back looks too, plus a little more!...
    1517 days ago
    Girl you are kicking this thing in the butt!! I need some of your umph!!

    You help keep me motivated!! Thank you!! emoticon
    1518 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    oh man, I so wish it took as long to put on as it is to take off
    1519 days ago
    just keep swimming! I am waiting for the day my back looks like yours as a nice interim goal :) We all have our goals and I can tell by your determination you'll reach yours easily - one day at a time!
    1519 days ago
    1519 days ago
    You've made a ton of progress! Keep up the great work! You will get there! emoticon
    1519 days ago
    You are well on your way back to being strong and lean. Seeing part of your 6 pack? Right on! The mirrors just gave you motivation to keep pushing with your workouts and eating healthy. Next time you look in the mirror, check out how beautiful you are, how strong you look and know that every day you are achieving.

    Hey, thanks for being an awesome motivator!
    1519 days ago
    We all have these days for sure. I woke up yesterday feeling fit and thinner only to be told by a well meaning 22 year old that I was pretty but "chunky like her mom". Sigh. Then I too went to the store and looked at myself in the harsh lights and 3 way mirror and cringed. The thing that you have to decide is are you in this just for a dress size or to be the lady that even in her seventies can do a workout that most 40 year old couldn't? Are you going to think that you've really blown it or that you've made a drastic improvement off of the woman that did not lead a healthy lifestyle at all. Trust me nobody but YOU is looking at your back. What they are looking at is the confidence with which you walk into a room and the health that beams off your face. They could give two hoots what the number inside your jeans says. Only YOU care. Focus on the person you want to be not the size. You will get where you need to go but decide who you want to be on the journey. One last thing...when we maintain a healthy lifestyle it helps us get through serious illnesses quicker and with more success. You are a human being. Be kind to yourself and think about who you really are and I think you will be pleased. emoticon
    1520 days ago
  • UFEDAK85
    Way to go on the awesome workout, as always! emoticon The way you've been bringing it with your workouts, you'll continue to see results! It may be slow, and at times it may seem like you're getting no where, but trust that you are! Things may just be getting very good in the inside of your body first before it starts showing on the outside!

    I do know how you feel though! If I never derailed when I first started working out (like 6 years ago!), I probably would be rock hard! Haha But, I kept yo yo'ing. Not necessarily just on my diet, but with exercise as well. I would be great and on track for like 3 months, and then get off track for like a month. Then I would feel uncomfortable and get back on track. On and off, on and off... Yup, that was me for awhile. But ever since starting T25 (and meeting you and other awesome people!!!), I am determined to stay on track continuously!

    emoticon We are here to support and cheer you on! You're awesome and don't you ever forget it!
    1520 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    you know all that yummy unhealthy food that you ate while you were sick (I'm just guessing here but you ate some "comfort Food")is high in calories and low in nutrition and makes it easy to gain weight while eating fruits and veggie are low in calories and high in nutrition and not only helps not to gain weight but you end up losing weight.

    Well here's the emoticon in the pants is that the junk food is SOOO tasty and makes you want to eat more and more and more cause its so addicting (its all the fat, sugar and salt that makes it addicting) and poof suddenly the weight appears emoticon and it leaves you emoticon wondering what that about sums it up...

    meanwhile when your sick you just don't have the energy to exercise either.

    But never fear your on your way to a healthy you and I'm here to give you that emoticon you need
    1520 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/25/2013 7:11:17 AM
  • YMWONG22
    Take things slowly and always listen to your body. Do not do something to compromise your health to lose weight. Lose weight to gain health. Not the other way round.
    emoticon emoticon
    1520 days ago
    Be patient, consistent and especially kind to yourself. A lot easier to make suggestions for you than kwep them for myself!
    1520 days ago
  • EOWYN2424
    Not sure about the carb cycling. I suggest you do more research. SP has lot's of resources on diet and fitness. It's a good start. And beware of fad diets. they usually don't work and are unhealthy!
    1520 days ago
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