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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monday I went to the mall to see about a new bum cream for Anissa. She has her first rash from her teething, and the sample I got just wasn't cutting it. I got one and it seems to be working the little red mark is pretty much gone! While I was at the mall I ran into my Boss. I have always gotten along with my boss and we chit chatted a bit as she admired Anissa. She told me that they thought I was coming back to work in October. It just seems like I have been gone that long to them, because the training has come to a stand still since I left. There are just so many new people and my partner just can not keep up with taking care of everything. My boss told me that I need to go for a visit to show my other boss miss Anissa. Even her boyfriend kept commenting on how pretty Anissa is. Kept saying that we are in trouble with such a pretty girl. So tomorrow I will go for a run and hike it up the giant hill and visit work.

Today I went to another meet up at a spray park, Anissa couldn't do much I just needed to get out. It was nice to get out. I brought along some toys for Anissa to play with since we were not going into the water. Well those toys were a hit and the other kids wanted to play with them too, grabbing them right from Anissa. I got annoyed with this one mom, she came in stating that her kid has had a runny nose for 2 weeks and she was letting her kid even chew on the toys, even her teething ring he took and chewed on it, he even attempted to take her suckie out of her mouth to suck on I put a stop to that!. I secretly found my wipes and wiped each and every toy and started to put them away to keep this kid from spreading his germs to Anissa. I came home and washed them all in hot soapy water. I am not a germaphobe, but geez when you come in stating that, watch your kid for heaven's sake.

DH's parents came over today. DH brought pizza home because he was too tired to cook, he got home from baseball at 1am. I would not have joined a league that has back to back games starting a 9pm. People have to work in the morning. So FIL had some pizza and started to try and feed it to Anissa. Even DH raised his voice, and told him to not feed it to her, I thought I heard FIL say she got a lick of it. Just because we started her on solids does not mean all food is game, why do grandparents not follow these kind of rules? There is a reason we introduce one food at a time! Watch for allergies! Check with the parents first to see if it is alright to give any child anything. This is the very thing w he didn't want my mom to be doing and told me that she is not to watch Anissa ever! I agreed to it ,but his parents are doing the same thing and he just arrange for them to babysit next sunday. I am glad they did that with DH around, because now I am not just the bad guy.

So yeah next Sunday, DH arranged for us to go to stage west. He came home yesterday saying "don't bother getting me anything for our anniversary, I took care of both of us" with stage west tix. Next Monday will be our 1 year anniversary and that is what we will be doing. Oh what to wear?
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    I think Byron will need to be constantly reminded about deals that you've made in the past, ESPECIALLY related to his parents!!! (Joe is also showing his true colors being forgetful about things that I thought were surely made clear at the get-go!) Men, they are all the same! LOL

    I hope you have fun on your Anniversary dinner!!! Has it only been 1 year??? Honestly, this year was VERY LONG and AMAZING in so many ways!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!
    1489 days ago
    She sure is a cutie pie!!!!! And I would get used to "sharing" toys you bring to places other kids are-LOL. Wait till she has a birthday party and all the kids want to open her presents and play with them... I think setting reasonable rules around her toys- "you can play with this one, but not that one or something like that... or no one can play with the birthday toys till after the party" for example makes dealing with that kind of stuff easier. Other Moms might not get it at times- no sense in getting upset. It's not a bad idea to wash toys anyways- especially in the summer, because germs are literally everywhere...

    I don't get the whole "your Mom can't watch your kid"--- your Mom must be "worse" than your In-Laws? if you agreed to it? I hope DH can stick to his guns and stay firm with his parents!!!!

    Have a wonderful anniversary!!!!! I hope your night is awesome!!!!
    1489 days ago
    Hope you have a wonderful anniversary.
    1489 days ago
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