Mini Golf Challenge

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today did something totally different and fun with Jim. Played mini golf on a whim. I got creamed. We did three different courses of 18 holes. The first two had the normal fun tricks and traps, windmills, tunnels etc. The third one was the Executive course and it was tough. I won the first course, but Jim beat me on the last two. Haven't played mini golf in years and it was just plain fun!

Spent the morning with my mom, breakfast and errands. Got her to the chiro too which was good. Also stopped in at the credit union and figured out what is going on with the billpay I use through them for paying most of our bills. They revamped it a week or so again and suddenly payments were not getting to the accounts as they did in the past. Discovered today that bill pay suddenly was sending "paper checks" to 3 accounts which not only slowed them up, they pulled the money out days ahead and really messed up the checkbook. Now I know what is going on, revamped the payments so all should be good, but what a hassle. I hate the word "upgrade" for stuff like this. Will keep a close eye on it for a good month or so just to make sure.

Watched the Burt Wonderstone Magician movie tonight from Redbox. Cute, but glad we didn't buy it. Once was enough.

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