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Mama Bear bit a total stranger. Don't mess with my kid!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It was crazy. It made me really stressed and I'm feeling quite a bit better so I will TRY to make this entry as short as possible.

I took Daughter to the pool at the Fitness Center where we all have a membership. It wasn't time for Family Swim, but we have been MANY times before Family Swim and it's never been a problem. She is an incredibly well-behaved kid, a very quiet swimmer, etc. A blind person could be out there by the pool and never know there was a kid. So....She got dressed first and went on out to the pool. She came back a couple minutes later with huge eyes, just about crying. Some woman in the pool demanded to know how old she was, told her she couldn't be in the pool because it wasn't Family Swim, and told her to get out. I told her it was fine, I was coming out there with her. We get in the pool, try to swim a little bit. She keeps getting all up in our personal space, literally pushing us to the side.

Oh, did I mention this woman had a beard? She did. She was also about 400 pounds. I'm not being mean. I'm just stating a fact. People don't get like that because they're happy people. That's a fact, too. I think that may at least partially explain her behavior. I'm not making ANY excuses for this though, because it made me FURIOUS.

So we're in the pool, and an aqua aerobics class is starting. The instructor knows us, saw us, said hello, asked if we were going to be joining the class. I said I was thinking about it, but wasn't sure how long we were going to be there, etc. She smiled and said we were welcome to join her. Didn't say one word about Daughter being in the pool. A lifeguard came in to give a little girl a swim lesson and she didn't say anything, either.

So, The Beard is getting all up in our personal space as if she didn't have any room to swim. Daughter was just really ticked and jokingly says, "I just...I just wanna do a cannonball!" I told her no. Before I knew it, and without me seeing her, she got out of the pool and did a cannonball right in front of me. I was waiting for her to resurface and I was going to tell her that I just told her not to do that and to not do it again. The Beard is RIGHT THERE, about a foot away, puts her head towards my kid and says, "You can't do that during a class!" The she turned around and started to go away. I said, "Um, excuse me? I'm RIGHT HERE." She said, "Well, that's not allowed during a class." I said, "It's NONE of your business what she does. You do NOT have the right to discipline my kid and get in her face." She said, "I'm not in her face, but you guys aren't following the rules." I told her again it was none of her business and that it was my job to care of it. She said very snotty, "Well it didn't look like it. If you're not going to do anything about it, then, well..." I told her I didn't even see Daughter get out of the pool. I didn't bother including that I was just about to speak to her when she butted her nosy self in and did it herself. I said, again, "You need to mind your own business." She said, "I am!" I said, "Really? Well then you're not very good at it." She would NOT let it go. It was crazy. I just said, "You don't need to say anything to my kid when I'm right here. Just mind your own business." She said, again, "I am!" I said, "NO! YOU'RE NOT! GOOD LORD!" She finally shut her face. We stayed in the pool. I'm not giving her the satisfaction. My poor daughter didn't want to swim any more so she just stayed over by the side. I told her it was ok, that she could swim. She finally swam again and had a good time. We got out about 15 minutes later. I just couldn't believe the NERVE of that woman.

On the way out of the Fitness Center, I thought about telling a manager about what happened...but I didn't know what to do. Do I grab someone by the hand and drag them out to the pool and point like a five-year old? LOL...but seriously? What do I do? I contacted Husband when I got home and told him what happened. He asked if I told anyone. I told him no, and asked him if he thought I should. He said yes. So I called and talked to the SWEETEST manager. She was so helpful and so sweet about the whole thing. I told her that yes we were there when we weren't supposed to be. I told her my daughter is such a wonderful kid, very well-behaved, etc. Then I laughed and told her about the cannonball incident in the same breath. She laughed too. I told her about this woman, how she kept getting in our space, and I told her about the whole encounter. She was stunned. She was totally on my side, too, which was so nice! I was half-expecting to hear, " really weren't supposed to be in there..." but she said to keep coming, come whenever we want, we shouldn't have to deal with that, and they were going to find out who it was and talk to her about it. She asked if I knew who it was. I said no, and that was part of my dilemma. I gave her a description (mentioning the beard of course! She laughed at that too, even though I promised I wasn't trying to be mean, but I thought it would help pinpoint her.) She asked if the Swim Instructor was in there and if she knew what happened. I said she was in there but I don't think she noticed because she was with her class. Then I remembered something. It was the same woman who told the Swim Instructor that there was gum stuck on the side of the pool and then the Swim Instructor went and got the gum off. I told her Daughter told me on the way home that even though I've never seen this woman before, my daughter told me she has pushed her around the pool like that before, gives her nasty looks, etc. The Manager said the Swim Instructor would be back in the morning and that she would talk to her. Together they would "track this person down and talk to her" and said, "Please, keep coming." So that made me feel a lot better.

What a complete jerk. I'm glad I didn't become rude or disrespectful or ugly. After all, I was in front of my kid. She hugged me just a little while ago and said, "I love you. Thanks for sticking up for me."

You got it, kid. All day long.

And I still treaded water for 30 minutes. I didn't do laps like I'd originally planned (didn't want to leave Daughter near this person), but I still got a water workout in.
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    emoticon emoticon

    I think you handled the situation very cool, calm and collected!! And go back for the swims!!

    1701 days ago
    Wow, what a terrible way for an adult to act. You did the right thing calling the Fitness Center. I was so sorry to hear this woman had bullied your DD before. Glad you were there for her safety.
    The best part of your blog was the line your DD said : "I love you. Thanks for sticking up for me." Priceless. Lucky you to have such a sweet child.

    1701 days ago
  • DLITE719
    It's kinda funny. We will tolerate rude behavior if it is directed at us and try to ignore it but when it is directed at our children (no matter how old they are) the mother bear comes out. Good job letting your daughter see you had her back and you did it without losing it totally. emoticon
    1701 days ago
    emoticon Glad you went to the pool! What a fun place to workout with your daughter. Sorry you had to stick up for yourselves with the woman in your business. Some folks just are that way. I'm glad you called and talked with the manager. What a wonderful lesson for your daughter! YOU seriously rocked as a Mom today!!! emoticon And, you got your fitness in too!!! emoticon Score two for you!!! emoticon Hope your next venture to the pool is much calmer and relaxing because I just know you will go back!
    1701 days ago
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