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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Well, of course, remember how I always refer to Linda's Law?

Well, the workplace is cool as a cucumber today,, the outdoor temps fell thirty degrees overnight and the HVAC at work got repaired.
Another point for Linda's Law is: I did not have to be at work until 10:00 and was home three hours later..
Murphy was an amateur!!

When we were looking for a house, we researched for over two years. I found a place behind the baseball field of the elementary school for my daughter, two blocks from the fire station, three blocks from the hospital and ambulance service, directly behind our dentist, within a mile of our church and my fave grocery store, our credit union within a mile.
When we finally found the right house for us, we got all moved in in a couple days. The very next week, the county cut funds for the firefighters, closed the station near us, the township closed the elementary school that I could toss a rock at behind us, the hospital closed and sold out to a nursing facility.
the grocery store went across town DIRECTLY BEHIND THE APARTMENT COMPLEX WE MOVED FROM!!!!!!!! All within a week!

They re-opened the fire station, but everything else was gone. Pfft!!!!!
Linda's Law.
I had to laughingly remember my luck: "I could fall into a barrel of lips and come out kissing my own *$$!"

It is so dry here that DD did not even have to mow dad's lawns. Ours is surrounded by huge, 30 foot trees so it is quite shady most of the time.. our concern is watering the berries and picking them before the critters get them for the moisture..
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