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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One of the guys at the pool who started his weight loss journey at 335 pounds and is 62 years old asked how mine was going I said it is going good. How much are you down now ? I answered 102 pounds and how much are you down now ? " just 15 pounds " I said that is great he said well it isnt when you have lost 102 pounds ... I said I am not you and you are not me ... I have been working on this for almost two years and you have been working on yours for 3 months or so. He replied i suppose.

"Just" 15 pounds
"Just" do it
You "Just" eat this
You " just" exercise this much
You " just" do cardio
You " just" do strength
You " just" drink this much water
You " just" exercise in the morning
You " just" dont understand
You " just" eat how many calories
They are "just" numbers
I am " just" me

Just is a word that packs a lot of meaning these days. Because well to be frank it is so overused in my presence.

Just as adjective means based on or behaving to what is morally right and fair. Just as an adverb means exactly.

There is no exact science to what one has to do to loose a hundred plus pounds. You don't just do a damn thing. It is like moving a mountain everyday. You push and you push and you bang your head against the wall and you call on un-measurable strength and commitment, you believe when the rest of the world has no confidence or belief. You reside yourself to a process that is going to change your life . You become stronger, smarter, more humble, braver and a better person from the inside out. But I promise you the one thing you will never do is just a thing.

Their is nothing fair about having to sit in ice baths because every muscle you have is screaming at you. there is nothing fair about skipping ice cream out with everyone else because you had to have an extra protein shake so you didnt fall asleep. There is nothing fair about water retention that makes your weight off. There is nothing fair about muscle weighing more than fat so you have muscle gain. There is nothing fair about working out and tracking only to end up on the gain side of the scale. There are no just numbers. We lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that the number on the scale isnt important or that the bmi is just a number and doesnt define who we are. When in all honestly everyone of us step on the scale and hold our breaths till that little square rewards us with a number. Even the people in maintenance still look for the almighty number.

Never sell yourself or your journey short because I for one know exactly what you felt when you went to do the war with weight and fat. there is no just way to do what we are doing it is constantly pushing and evolving as we go . I am not you and you are not me. Our commitments and desires are different. We can support each other by simply supporting each.
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