Quitting feels good

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I called the gym Monday to find out what the process was to cancel my membership. I'm glad I did as I was just going to go in as I thought I had to do it in person. But it involves more than that. I have to give them a signed letter, either by hand or scanned and attached to an email. The letter would have to say that I am cancelling my membership. A manager has to contact me to advise me when the last day I can use the gym and that they require a 30 day notice.

A manager did contact me and I know know the final date I can freely use the gym. It's bitter sweet. I did like it. There were a lot of classes but it was getting crowded in both the locker room and classes I like to attend. I'm running outside so running on a treadmill is not appealing to me.

Yes it did help me get started on running. But driving to the gym just to run on the treadmill when I do the same around my neighbourhood. Well....

And I'm doing more with my horse. Having to also shuttle DD to volunteer activities. Just not fitting it in anymore.

And what will I do in the winter time? Well I'm going to run outside. I don't have to run far, just get out for a bit & get moving. And DH still has his membership. I can go and pay the visitor fee for occasional use.

So I'm going to put that money of the gym membership towards a horse trailer.

Happy trails!

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