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Moving Barf, I mean Bark Nuggets

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I did dye my hair blonde. I am still not fond of the cut mainly I think, because it wasn't what I asked for, but the color makes me feel better.

Hubs and the youngest are back from their trip. Which is to say the quiet is no longer and neither is the cleaning. I woke up this morning went to make coffee, tasted it, threw it out, made another cup, tasted it and thought "wth??" I had bought new coffee grinds (on sale) and was just in the middle of combining the two ikky flavor bags in the hopes of a medium taste when hubs said "let's go"

You know that commerical for Home Depot where the wife ask "how long will this take?" and when the husband says "oh not long" the wife is all over it? That's my husband. I had mentioned the side yard needed to be finished so the work that Ms. Kate's bf and dad did wasn't in vain. Before I could do my computer and have a cup of coffee we were on the road to Sand and Gravel.

Turns out when we got the there, the beautiful Sierra Red Bark that we bought from the Depot and we already put in the front yard can't be sold to us. We are in a Homeowner's Association community and red is not an allowed color. Whoops. So we picked out the lightest color possible

and it arrived less than an hour later.

So, I've spent the day (as hubby just had back surgery) shoveling 5 yards of beauty bark, or as they call it here in California "bark nuggets".

It's ugly.

It's so ugly I didn't take pictures it so ugly! LOL I'm not kidding either. Hubby looked at it and said "d@mn. that's ugly bark" Youngest came out of the house and said "why didn't you buy more red because...that's ugly"

so we have ugly barf nuggets on the side of the house. I told hubby "leave the red until they complain" I figure if no one says anything, I'm not moving it. If they do say something, it'll go in the backyard and I'll get more ugly barf nuggets.

Don't get me wrong. the side of the house looks better than dead grass, but dang, that's some ugly barf nuggets

At least I got 3 hours of gardening to track.

I hope Jillian's not upset I missed her Shred today. I'll do day 3 tomorrow

If I can move. The blisters on my hands are like awesome.

and can you believe it? I did all that without my coffee, which now explains the headache I couldn't figure out earlier. Thought it was my neck again.

It's midnight. I'll get some sleep so I can do dishes in the morning...

AFTER I drink my gross on sale coffee. g'night!

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