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Rough start to my week, but it WILL get better!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Having a rough start to week, but I think the worst of it is over.

Sunday was a "take it easy" day for me, a day to let my body rest after the previous week was so busy. I spent more time than usual on the computer, and I was watching tv at the same time. Unfortunately, I messed my left shoulder and neck up with my bad posture; I was kind of leaning on that arm and kept turning from the computer screen to the tv, and that night, I really started hurting. It felt like I undid all the healing so far in that shoulder since I finished the radiation last month. Now I am really working on my posture while sitting, and sitting up straight when I catch myself slumping. I still hurt a lot yesterday, and it's only slightly better today, so I know it's something I will really have to pay attention to. At least I hope the increase in pain is just from my poor posture and not something else.

Monday I had a sinus headache all day; not a terribly bad one, but just enough to be an annoyance. I had a worse one most of the day today. I think it was triggered by the change in weather. It was hot and humid yesterday, and today it started out humid, but cooled down quickly and got very windy. Right now, it's around 7:15pm and only 64 degrees. I am happy it it cooled down though, not complaining about that fact.

Today was a long day at the chemo clinic. They are still short one oncology nurse, (there is only one instead of two), and she was behind more than usual today. I am usually pretty tolerant with waiting while I am there; there is a wait for my lab work to come back before the chemo can be started, then a wait before my various IVs are started. I know there is one nurse doing the work of two and that she is doing her best. But it is hard to be patient when you don't feel good, and I really wasn't feeling good with my sinus headache. (And I was having a hard time trying to read my book, and if you know me, you know if I'm not reading, I'm either very, very tired or not feeling good.) I was at the clinic almost 4 1/2 hours for something that should have only taken 2 hours.

On a positive note: My hemoglobin improved during my week off. It was 9.3 2 weeks ago, and 10.6 today; still below normal but a good number for me. And I had my best friend Rhonda there with me to keep me company and keep me sane, LOL.

I brought a lunch with me too, which was a good thing, but I know that even if I hadn't, Rhonda would have gone and gotten something for me. Still had to get a few groceries before coming home, but thankfully, today was not a "stock up" trip, mostly just fresh stuff like produce.

Still had my headache when I got home and was feeling pretty miserable, and to be honest, I didn't think the evening would get any better. I took an Excederin though about 2 hours ago, and after about an hour, I was feeling much better! Tired, but the headache is mostly gone now. And knowing that I have no more appointments for the rest of the week, and nothing to go out for unless I want to, helps a lot. I truly believe that the rest of the week has to be better!

Sorry that this turned into such a long blog, but thank you for "listening"!
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