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Grr... Vanity Sizing

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Heck, I need the message to stay strong after trying on bras or what my Grandma would call "foundation garments" yesterday. For the love of Pete... "vanity sizing" in bras now? Because I took 5 same-size/different brands into the fitting room and the first was too big... and the others too small. This after trying 5 others (same scenario) last week and having them fit. Some of these were what I like to call the bra workhorses - you know - a Playtex full-coverage cup. I'm looking for basic, no-frill, want to put it on and have everything stay in place until I remove it bra, and I don't think that's too much to ask!

Don't even get me started on clothes... because sometimes they fit, and other times they don't. I am not a shopper. I am not a "clothes" person. I am way more of a "uniform" person, you know, the antithesis of Stacy & Clinton's advice on What Not to Wear: TLC. I dress modestly for work, and I will admit most times at home, and the appropriate attire I desire is sometimes very hard to come by.

The "new" wardrobe I am supposedly looking forward to enjoying shopping for has yet to materialize unless we're talking about me shopping on my husband's side of the closet and in his dresser. Yes, I can now fit into and wear his clothes - and do enjoy borrowing his tees, but that's not what I was envisioning when dreaming of the "new" wardrobe.

Grr... I say.... just grr...!


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    I feel your pain, Cheryl Anne! emoticon

    I, too, have never been a clothes shopper. It's frustrating, aggravating, and often down right depressing. Men's clothing sizes seem to have so much more "across the board" consistency. Women's clothes: it's a complete gab bag, I think, depending on brand, style, etc. Of all things that surely should be the same are our "foundation garments" for Pete's sake! Here's my measurements, give me my bra!!!

    Hang in there, dearie! emoticon (Pirate Pete gives a loud ARGH!!!)
    1130 days ago
    Hi everyone,
    I thought I was the only one who had this frustrating problem!

    Grrrrr sums the experience up, especially for those of us who don't like to clothing shop. My breast cup size goes up and down like the tides, so small, medium, large bra sizing doesn't work either. When I go bra shopping it's a full hour of trying on. When I find one that fits, I write down the make and model number for future reference, which sometimes helps to have at a later date. I have to laugh though, because when the sales person asks us our size, what are we supposed to say? Ummm between a 00 and a 44.
    Hugs, Kae

    1131 days ago
    I hear ya. Shopping is so frustrating and it really shouldn't be. A 10 should be a 10, should be a 10 should be a 10.

    I have a hard enough time buying bras as it is that I like, are simple and comfortable.



    1132 days ago
    I share your agrevation as well and except for those 'foundation garments' i too get most of my clothes at thrift and consignment stores.
    1132 days ago
    1132 days ago
    Vanity sizing is just ridiculous! I never know what size I'm going to be. I don't need to be coddled by the clothing industry. If I'm a 16 or a 12 when I'm shopping it doesn't matter. I just want to find something in the right fit for me, color, style, etc and get out ASAP! Its bad enough that I loathe clothes shopping. Bra shopping is exhausting! Platex full coverage is about the best I have ever found. Women really do not have time for all this frustration. I can't help, but wonder if this is a secret ploy to get us to spend more because we have to stay in the stores longer. Or get so frustrated we spend more than intended.
    1132 days ago
  • v _LINDA
    I have always hated women's clothing because of the variety of sizes (for me 1-6 are baby sizes thank you very much) and men's clothing fits the same no matter what brand. So not fair!! Totally distressing to hear that bras are headed down this same insane pathway :((
    Its too bad women have to be so vain about their numbers. Give me a 29-31 inch waist with a 29 inseam please!!!
    Good luck with the bras -it almost seems you need a professional bra fitter to insure a good fit!!
    1132 days ago
  • v VELVET_01
    I was having the hardest time myself finding some new bras. I was wearing some that had gotten too tight and now this year fit again. Problem was they were pretty worn. I finally found some Bali (comfort revolution with padded cup) at JC Penny that work great. I had to try about three different sizes before I found the one, along with trying a couple other brands in various sizes too. It's really frustrating!
    I've also noticed big sizing discrepencies in clothing. For me Macy's seems to be the most consistent with their Style and Co brand. Something else I've noticed is that the men's clothing isn't that way at all. My husband has also lost weight and needed new clothes. He can go in just about any store and pick up the same size and it fits! emoticon
    1132 days ago
    I won't go into the clothes vanity sizing, because I've groused about it a lot already, but I'm dismayed to find it extends to bras, too! I need to replace just about all my bras because they do wear out, no matter how carefully I launder and air dry them. I usually go to a place in a nearby town to get fitted, but there is a new bra store (Soma) that opened closer to me. I plan to check them out while they have grand opening sales (and are still well stocked) and hope they also do fitting...with a real person. I don't really want to try on dozens of bras, and I don't want to repeat the fiasco at Vicky's Secret, where a sales "girl" talked me into an expensive pushup bra that really didn't fit.
    1132 days ago
    I wish they do have size guide line...
    1132 days ago
    when you finally DO find what works, it's best to stick with that brand (even though sizes can vary within the brand). All of my pants are either Ann Taylor or Eddie Bauer. Both offer a "curvy" fit that works for me.

    bras? Well it took me forever, but I finally found some I like that fit well from Title Nine.

    of course, eventually manufacturers always seem to stop making what I like!
    1132 days ago
  • v SHERIO5
    I AM a clothes shopper, and love Stacy and Clinton! But, I do my shopping at thrift stores and clearance racks.

    That being said, I totally agree with sizing frustrations! You can try on garments by the same maker and One will fit one won't!

    It makes the days of picking up a bra off the rack in your size way over...grr!

    One of the good things I've learned from what not to wear, is that you really can't pay attention to size, you just have to try things on.

    Glad you vented!
    1132 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/23/2013 9:24:29 AM
  • v AUNTB63
    I so emphasize with you, especially when shopping for bras. Even when I have someone "fit" them for me.....just can't find what I would like to wear. I hate you can eliminate 3/4 s of all bras out there.
    Have a terrific Tuesday and keep smiling.
    1132 days ago
    I'm not a clothes shopper either. Some women love it; I can completely do without it. However, my clothing gets to a point where I'm forced to go. I stick with the basics. If I find pants that fit well, I buy more than 1 pair. While I was reaching my goal weight, I have accumulated a number of varied sized pants. Shop at Good Will if you're comfortable with that. cheaper pants and you won't mind not having a use for them as time marches on. Have fun and enjoy the goals!
    1132 days ago
    This is something that has slowly driven me nuts as the sizes shrink. Lewill is right, look at pattern measurements. They haven't changed in 50 years. I wear a size 12P pattern, but a size 00 at the Gap. Today's size 12 would have been an 18 or 20 in 1965.

    As far as bras go, I discovered Intimacy. They only sell European made bras, most brands I've never heard of, but they do the fittings and oh do they fit well!! Expensive, though, but the comfort is worth every penny.
    1132 days ago
    This is an interesting topic for sure! I am still in the plus-size clothing and of course, look forward to NOT being in plus sizes. I happen to shop at a plus size store on line, and sometime recently they have added in their advertisements: "Plus sizes 12W to 44W"

    Now when did a size 12 become a plus size? I am really shocked! Does this mean that I'm destined to be in plus sizes for my entire life, no matter how much I weigh?

    Now I know it's all just numbers, yada, yada, yada, but something needs to be said to these clothing manufacturers. No wonder we are seeing eating disorders on the rise! emoticon

    1132 days ago
    I know, what ever happened to traditional clothing? You can never find anything modest enough( too low cut) or that fits at the waist and one size may fit perfectly while another is way to big or tight. I think it has to do with the manufacturer and where its made. It is never fun shopping for new bras. When I find one I like I try to stock up. Good luck in your wardrobe shopping!
    1132 days ago
  • v LEWILL1982
    Want a true indication of your size? It's depressing, but go to any fabric store and look for a dress pattern. I can wear a 4,6 at stores but in a dress pattern I'm a 10-12? Talk about depressing! I know what you mean, shopping is still a pain at any size I've decided. Good luck bra shopping!
    1132 days ago
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