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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mr. W and I just got back from our annual Potholes trip with the neighborhood. It was so much fun. Potholes is an area in Eastern Washington, also known as the scablands because the ice age left hundreds of carved out "potholes" when it retreated which became lakes. We actually go to the reservoir which is a damned up area used for irrigation as E WA is very dry. It's also used for recreation during the summer months and is a great bass fishing area as well. They have a ton of fishing tournaments.

Anyway, we had about 35 people and about 6 dogs along. Here's Cinder. She fishes all day long, walking back and forth and diving into the water every now and then. I don't know if she's ever actually caught one, but she'll fish for hours. I love her tail. She wags it side to side, up and down, and then in circles when she gets excited. Too cute:

One of the other neighbors has a little white dog named Ella. The two go together.....Cinder-Ella. Always thought that was cute.

So, the area is made up of tons of sand dunes. We take the boats and pick one out and set up for the day. BBQ, floaties, boating. Here's part of the sprawl:

...and the floatie action:

Triple tubing is awesome too. Our boat is the 2nd one with the tube on the back. The tube lasted for 5 years but gave it up this year. Got a small rip in the cover which grew bigger and bigger until it peeled off with three kids on it. They flew right off backwards:

So, this group of people are so much fun. They will come up with crazy ideas but actually attempt to execute them. One of the plans was to try and water ski in a pyramid. Two on the bottom and one climbs up on the shoulders and has a third rope. The two on the bottom practiced skiing side by side but we couldn't figure out how to get the third one up. We are going to investigate and try it next year for sure! If it doesn't work at least it's a soft landing in the water.

K....the fun part - Wakeboarding! I just got the hang of it at the end of last summer and have been waiting and waiting to try it again. It's a weird feeling because you start with the board sideways and then twist it forward when you get up (disregard the crazy hair, LOL):

Got right up and wakeboarded...yay!

Slack in the rope....not good, but I didn't crash yet (did a very styling face plant later though):

Crossing the wake:

Just about to get some "air" (like maybe 2 inches, LOL):

Here's the tube prior to disintegrating (and a blurry action pic):

Here's how I want to jump by next year :)

Some of these kids are amazing! They do 360's in the air and even flips.

Because we are in the dune area there are some shallow parts. We actually ran aground once when Z was wakeboarding. The boat stopped and so did he. He sunk down and was standing on the bottom and was giving the driver (Mr. W) a hard time:

It was a lot of fun and the good part was it's an awesome workout too! I think I worked off the calories from the food and beverages for the most part. Woo Hoo! Fun exercise!!

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