Norway radio contact-over 4000 miles!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just started raining on my way to work this morning, Had rain off and on until around 9-10 am.
Made for a nice quiet day at work. We took a sales hit yesterday since another grocery store, Whole Food opened up about a mile away from where I work. Hopefully the hit won't be too bad. Everyone was over there checking it out and cherry picking the sales. Parking is really bad over there. Heard they had valet parking for their customers. Can they afford to keep that up? They are kiddy corner from a Trader Joes- bet they took an even bigger hit.

Skipped out at 1pm and Jim and I picked up some paper for his QSL cards for his Ham radio. When you make a radio contact you can send out a postcard sign that confirms the contact. People collect these like baseball cards. You can also get special ones from an event. We have one coming from the Fredrick Remington museum out east. The instructions were to send a 9x12 SASE for the certificate. Should be cool I think. I am getting hooked. We sit upstairs by the Ham radio and he listens and contacts and I do SP, my ebay auctions or study for my Ham radio license. Last night he contacted someone in Norway! That is over 4000 miles away.

We went for a nice walk too and am going to go make ribs for Jim for supper and I'll do a hotdog I think. Not a big rib person-too messy!

Weighed myself this morning- down 1/2 a lb-yeah!
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