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Sunday surprise outing

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Today my dh, and my sisters husband took us ladies our for the day. It was a surprise so I had no idea what to expect, but as I was told to dress comfortably..I was hoping it would include something out of town, some walking and a coffee outing. It was all of that...my favorite way to have some time out.
First we slept in (a rare privilege for me with my usual 5am boot camp call each morning during the week) I'm not a late sleeper in general, but sleeping and waking without an alarm buzzing in my ear is a huge bonus way to start the day.
We dressed, jumped into the vehicle and took off. The first stop was a delightful place to have our breakfast. It was a typical place, tall trees, interesting little gnarly woodwork, bright colorful tables etc.

It had some really amusing titles to their food types in their menus like these.

We decided not to indulge in boring old tea and chose coffee instead...

....which was served in tin cups with a note to say that we could order it in different cups if we wished. Well, we did not wish to conform to "regularity" on our day out. So this is what we got.

But more than enjoying the decor, for us the enjoyment was the fact that the birds are super friendly. As we entered the front doors, we saw this note written on the wall (yep writing on the wall is encouraged) emoticon

We discovered exactly what that little note meant.

This coffee shop is set in a collection of shops with all manner of things from arts and crafts to woodwork..you name it, they have it. But we were not their to shop. We enjoyed a typical breakfast of bacon and egg with home made bread and butter and listened to the most beautiful music in the back ground. It truly was a very relaxing atmosphere and I could feel the last few weeks stresses just melting off my shoulders.
This offer was made, but we weren't shopping we were taking our men with us...or rather they were taking us with them on our happy outing.

After breakfast we went down to the nearby beach for a walk.

And well, I'm sure I should believe in evolution (which I don't) because neither my sister or I ever just walk anywhere like "normal people". It didn't take long for us to find a dune to scamper up. She went up the left hand side and I went up the right hand side. It was probably about 2 stories high all in all.

I wanted to climb up to the ledge and jump off....and I made it to the top. I must say that I was so delighted to find that this is the first time that I have gone up such a steep sand dune and not ended up crawling on my hands and knees. I did have my hands digging into the sand to keep my balance but I never once set my knees on the ground...that's an improvement in my physical strength from the times before.

The ledge I wanted to jump off. Its about a 6 foot drop onto soft sea sand.

Once at the ledge, it looked pretty scary from up there....I suddenly wasn't so sure I had the guts to follow through what my heart had planned. There I sat trying to figure out how to get down without actually jumping.

Suddenly my options narrowed and the decision was taken out of my hands as I realized that I could no longer go back because the sand was beginning to slide from underneath me. emoticon
If I did NOT jump, I'd fall off and that meant I had no control of how or where I would land.... even more scary for me than jumping. So on the count of 3 I lunged myself forward with my heart thundering in my ears.

When all's said and done, I landed safe and sound....but phew....I don't think I will attempt another jump off anything anytime soon. emoticon
After that we just spent time on the beach climbing the various rocks.

The water swirled around me and caught me unawares which meant I had to wait for the sea to recede before I could get off my rocks and my feet were killing me because the rock was sharp and digging into my bare feet.

Considering the crazy stuff Gale and I got up to, little injuries occurred.
Gale ended up taking a tumble, while only my nail varnish got chipped. emoticon

We just spent the entire day ambling from one area to another, getting out, having some fun and moving on to the next. I cannot even begin to imagine how many kilometers we drove through the lakes area but I did have my tracker on and I know that I ended up walking 5.26 kilometers and burned 283.1 calories. I had a good eating day too, so I feel good about that.
I feel thoroughly rested and ready for the new weeks challenges and boot camp in the morning.

I cannot wait for summer to kick in so that I can go canoeing with my husband. The black water with its sheer cliffs on one side and the forest on the other is calling my name louder each and every day that passes.
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