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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Greetings everyone,

Allow me to define ‘full plate’ for you :P

It’s been over a month since my last entry and almost a month since my Visa Interview and Application appointment at the German Consulate in Chicago. How are things? They are chugging along almost to a routine pace which is scary; not because I dislike routine (being OCD I thrive) but because I know once my passport returns from German captivity with that sticker it’s all going to change almost overnight. Overnight as in overnight flight Cologne or Dusseldorf.

As mentioned in previous blog preparing for my new job: curriculum planning, material gathering, countless emails/early morning meetings to colleagues, apartment hunting and trying to get my reading-writing German up to speed. It’s no use to harass the consulate about when my visa will finally come back: I was told they would try to have it fully processed between the 15-25th of this month but it took my colleague in Germany a full 8 weeks. I doubt I’ll make that August 1st start date but it could happen if the visa comes back this week! Though I want to give my current job notice and bring in a big awesome ‘Auf Wiedersehen/Danke’ cake for all my wonderful co-workers.

It has become clear to me that starting up at my centre in Germany is going to be a lot like start up in Russia. I’ll be the first English speaking Erzieherin they have had and thus will be one hundred percent responsible for that sector and all ages it encompasses. Unlike Russia however, I have the advantage of a.) Language b.) non-corrupt/ non Billionaire parents and c.) staff! Out of nowhere last month I was also told I would be going to a different location than originally planned. Hey that’s in my contact and I told them that I would go where I was needed. Sure, I’d rather go to Hamburg or Munich but I am needed in Essen.

I am most troubled at the moment that an apartment still has not been secured. My centre wants me to stay with a host family for the first couple of weeks but I am really scared of that idea because I really want to get my monthly budget under control as well as not annoy/cramp anyone’s space.

All this is tempered by the fact I work full time right now! two weeks ago I had to make a difficult choice. I cut down my work schedule from a full 40 hours to 36 hours a week distributed 12 hour shifts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Which if you ask me is still pretty hardcore: I bring lunch and dinner to work! I actually like my job and the people I am with. I’ve always been a workhorse but now at least on Tuesday, Thursday + Weekends study German and prepare for my upcoming job. These days I feel so very crunched for time. If I am not doing one of the things listed above then I am probably doing arbitrary but necessary stuff associated like commuting, organizing work clothing, packing dinners and lunches and then there’s SLEEP.

Keeping healthy and balanced these days has become difficult. There’s often a critical choice to be made between working out (now only done M, W, F + S) and SLEEP. I keep capitalizing that because we all know that you can work out all day but if sleep is absent efforts are almost in vain. Keep in mind for me sleep is not because I am some sort night owl but because I live with a DRUNK who three to four times a week gets wasted out of his head and as part of that ritual talks in a drunken psychosis to a blaring television. (Yeah, that visa is on the way!) Anyway, even when I try I rarely get more than 5 ½ hours of sleep.

..What has the work, sleep, time crunch combination done to my weight loss efforts. Well, two and half month: nothing. I have neither gained nor lost. I am in one hell of a plateau and this is going to sound mad to some but I am grateful. I am not happy and it’s very easy to think “f*ck exercise I need sleep” but at least my body isn’t showing anger at me by gaining weight. Plateaus are frustrating but so is being tethered more or less to a cubicle 12 hours a day. Ironically, my Bodymedia indicates that I am burning almost double the calories in exercise than my sparkpeople recommends with these marathon days but really… . So last week I did nutrition board post asking about taking Cinnamon, Green Tea and Cayenne supplements to help break the plateau. Wouldn’t you try these things if sleep and time and calories burned were already at their limits?

Well. The advice was frank to put it mildly. I did feel a bit ‘attacked.’ It’s true my nutrition sucks on the weekends but it seemed as few looked beyond those days to see my eating patterns during the week nor towards the other factors already mentioned. Good news for the naysayers: I had a hard time remembering to take the supplements last week and weighed in this week at 163 again…though a small part of me hopes that that might include TOM water weight.

I also want to add that apparently I worked out so hardcore the previous Sunday that I was so sore that I could barely walk until Wednesday. A big surprise to me---I did a workout I often do---but with ankle weights….damn what a difference! I have some small hope that I am losing inches all the same….everything fits well. I wear a size 10 pants, 8 shirt and 8/10 dress---I used to wear a size 22! Also, I have recently discovered that I can wear a single D bra. That would make some women sad but not me, I’ve been carrying around these Magumbos since I’ve been about eight years old and frankly shirts fit much better now! 

Until next time!


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    Sounds to me like you're doing a good job! The fact that you're still exercising, still logging, maintaining...with all of that stress? Not too shabby :)
    1304 days ago
    Hi Samantha,

    Wow, what a totally busy schedule...I am just not sure how you do it.....don't beat yourself up....I am still at 163 TOM ends tomorrow hoping to be down by Thrusday...but if not this week then next week....maintaining is not so bad as long as it starts to trend downward again in the long term...

    I wear a size 8 pants size 8/10 dress used to where a size 16 all in all it is good....still want to drop to fit into this great size 8 dress that won't quite zip yet....I too went from a DD to a D and surprise suprise a 36 D instead of a 38...that makes me happy...I have never been able to wear button up the front shirts but I haven't tried recently....

    Hang in there...good luck on apartment finding and I hope you get you passport back this week....

    We can do it....just think we will be here chatting next year about how we met goal and need to maintain instead of continuing to drop....hehehe....


    1313 days ago
    emoticon .
    I think you are doing really well Samantha .. Glad all is finally falling in to place for you..
    Hugs Susie. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1314 days ago
    Oh, Samantha, I am so excited that things are chugging along for you! Slow but steady wins the race! And that plateau? Believe me, with what I have read in your blog, it could be a gain, but you are holding your own despite the fact that you are sleep deprived. How manytimes have you read on SP that you NEED 8 hours a night. And still you are holding your own! I say Hooray for you! Just think when you are removed from your current, less than ideal environment, how much better life will be and you can start working on losing weight instead of losing sleep. It will all work out in the end. There is a light at the end of your tunnel, we can both see it!
    1314 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/21/2013 1:55:26 PM
    hi love hang in there.inshallah it wont be long now.can´t wait till you are over here and we can be phone spark buddies lol.i wished you had got münchen instead then we could have been work out buddies,lol.with all the stress you have going as well as lack of sleep you have done amasing to have not put proud of you love.keep up the good work emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1314 days ago
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