Plateau Busted! Goal Update

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weigh-in: 142 lbs

My plateau has officially been busted! So here are my goal updates:

Goal 1: Break the plateau - CHECK!

Goal 2: Become "normal weight" (lose 2 lbs) - CHECK! (99% sure... I'll know more on Tuesday when I can access a more accurate scale)

Goal 3: Get on track for a loss of 1 lb (at least) every week or two.

So about goal 3... I found my BMR as calculated by SP last night and it is significantly lower than how I had it calculated by a different website (which explains a lot about this plateau...).

SP BMR: 1740
Avg. Deficit (food only): 300 to 400
Avg. Weekly Deficit (food only): 2100 to 2800
Calories Burned Last Week: ~1300 (185 avg. daily)

So! If I eat ~1400 calories on avg, and continue working out every day, I can lose 1 lb every 8 days (or 3.75 lbs in a month). If I up my exercise a smidge (really... to 100 extra calories in a week) I could still eat about 1400 and lose 1 lb every 7 days (or 4.28 lbs in a month).

If I eat ~1300 calories on avg, and continue working out every day, I can lose 1 lb every ~6 days or 5 lbs per month.

I actually intend to increase my workouts again anyway, and I've been consistently hitting the 1200-1400 cal mark lately without too much effort (I've been at this awhile so I've adjusted), so I think I can safely say that:

Goal 3 has been met! I'm back on track!

The reason I worded it a bit funny - 1 lb every week or 2 - is that in one week, we're moving in with family for a bit. I'll have a lot less control over what I'm eating and I don't anticipate being able to eat 1200 calories. It may even be a struggle to eat under my baseline at all, which would slow me down to ONLY the rate at which I'm burning calories through physical activity. I won't know until I get there... which may set me back and I'll have to tackle 3 over again.

But for now, I've met the goal, and that's important because originally I wanted to lose as much as possible before this move and that's exactly when my plateau hit.

I've met all my short-term goals and am on track to meet my long-term ones. Congratulations, self!
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    This is wonderful work and I know you've been hard at it for months. It hit me today that we allow ourselves time to figure out meal planning, etc., if we are diabetic or such, but just to lose weight we decide we shouldn't bother others or adjust grocery items. Even with me losing weight, one other person in the household has dropped about three more pounds since I started this, just because we are eating the same things now. We deserve to spend the time tracking and doing fitness, planning and getting organized for better health and energy!

    1678 days ago
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