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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yesterday was a bit of an emotional turmoil kind of day for me. I am rather conflicted about certain developments, and it bothered me the whole day. Thankfully, I managed to sort out my emotional distress by the end of the day, averting an-almost disastrous food binge by sticking to a handful of caramel corn (and NOT the whole bag). Miraculously I stayed within my calorie limits, and with the evening workout ended up a little under!
Today I woke up at my regular zero-dark-thirty time and went for a run. It was a little less painful then usual, and I was fairly close to my goal time, leading me to believe that maybe next weekend I will be able to hit my goal time without dropping at the finish line. I decided to celebrate this accomplishment by sleeping in. Since I don't have to be at work until after noon, I took a nice long leisurely shower and headed back to bed. When I woke up again, at 1130, I was rested and refreshed, my roomie was gone to work, and I cranked up the music as I got ready.
Now... the best part! It is Sunday, my usual weight-and-tape day. I skipped the weigh-in, since I did one on Friday morning (5-almost 6 lb down from beginning of the month!!!!!!!). I did get out my tape, and almost started crying when I say the numbers. 32.5! Without trying to hold my belly in! This means that (gasp!) my belly is smaller than my boobs. I have NEVER seen my belly smaller then my boobs - even when I was 128lb my belly stuck out. In retrospect, I think the wheat and lactose allergies were responsible for the bloat, and now that I got rid of them, my tummy is slowly shrinking.
So... I celebrated my success by digging out the cache of the beautiful new underwear that finally came in last week. So today... I am wearing a beautiful new set of underthings under my cammies, and it feels amazing. My smile is wider then usual. I feel good!
Now, I still have 40lb and 3 minutes of run time to go before I reach my goal. However, if my weight loss journey taught me something about myself, it is to celebrate small successes. Tomorrow, I will run and workout, and ignore the home-baked treats and goodies strewn around my office. Today, I will strut. Happy weekend, everyone!
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