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Pharmacy Management crash course may be over!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

For two years I have been working on getting more hours at the hospital close to my house in my small town. I've been a casual employee, but the other pharmacists have not taken much time off, so I haven't worked there much. It's been ok since I am also a casual pharmacist at a big city hospital, but the commute is 40 minutes and that has taken its toll. Half way through June, the head RP at the small town hospital gave his two weeks notice. Starting in July, I've been working four days a week to quickly get up to speed. The new head RP is due with her baby August 17th.

She called me today. She thinks she's going to have the baby this week. We have another pharmacist to help, a nice older gentleman. He decided to plan a last minute Alaskan cruise. He leaves Wednesday. The big city hospital that should help us cover, only wants planned shifts, not last minute ones. It looks like I'm getting stuck working 13 or 14 days straight.


The money will be great, and I've had some time to mentally prepare. The small hospital doesn't usually wear me out like the big one. There are days at the big one that just kill me. I just need a few prayers that I can manage this. It's only for a couple weeks, then the other guy will be back. Another downer, I will be working four weekends straight. YUK! The other guy has a wedding on one of the weekends in August, so we already planned for me to cover that weekend, and now the two straight that he will be in Alaska.

Diet: So far maintenance is going well. I find I don't "need" as much food as before the HCG. I feel full sooner, and I haven't had much trouble with hypoglycemia. This has been great for my portion control. I still weigh every morning. Today's weight was 164.5 lbs. I'm not charting it until it stays at that level a few days. Maintenace weights can fluctuate a bit. As long as I stay below 167, I'm doing fine.
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