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PART 2 Establish a goal... and the SMASH IT! ... then just cry from sheer happiness

Saturday, July 20, 2013

4 months and 21 days ago on February 25th, I established a goal to lose enough weight to meet the weight limit requirement for the Zipline that I wanted to do on my trip to Africa... The timeline was easy to establish because the Trip to Africa was the deadline. The goal was a 6 month goal which seemed reasonable.. because from the weight I was at then it would be around 60lbs.. (You can read the blog where I established the goal here

I have been diligently working towards that goal for the last 145 days with laser sharp focus. On March 2nd (just days after declaring the goal on February 25th) I found CrossFit and Paleo and my Coach. I have completed 61 CrossFit workouts as of last night.. and have established many many personal records. That triad - CrossFit - Paleo - and my Coach was the right combination for me... I wasn't hungry (a miracle since for the first time in my life the "dark gnawing hunger" went away).. I was motivated and challenged by the workouts.. My coach was knowledgeable and literally stuck to my side that first month... and he pulled no punches.. could it be done? yes, absolutely but only if I put the work in.. and MOST of the work would happen at home in my kitchen not the gym.

I about never got to sleep last night because I was so pumped about my Back Squat PR!! I was positively over the moon.. I finally get to sleep and wake up this morning to my normal routine.. stretch.. go to the bathroom.. weigh. (yes, I weight everyday)

I about fainted when I saw the number on the scale.. had to hop off.. hop back on again. Run for my camera. Hop on three more times to make sure there was no mistake.. cuz the numbers read



AND I also have lost 71lbs since I started!! and was sent this little pretty in the mail!

I sat down and cried.

Cried out of joy.

Cried out of disbelief (and maybe a bit of relief - grin).

Cried for the woman who didn't really think she could reach the goal when she set it.

Cried for the woman I am today who is 100% believes that I will reach my goal weight.. my healthy weight (whatever that is)...

Cried because I was gonna ride that dern Zip Line in Africa!!!!!

but Cried mostly because I AM NOT BROKEN ANYMORE!!

A HUGE thank you to y'all who have literally followed me via this blog since February.. watching the countdown.. believing in me.. cheering me on.. commenting.. y'all have meant the world to me..

27 days til Africa
ZERO ZIP NADA pounds to go to meet my ZipLine Goal!!!!!
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