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I have not been hiding

Friday, July 19, 2013

Good morning, afternoon or evening Spark land friends!

If you are wondering where Krzykat has been, here is the answer.

I work in a construction office at a hospital. Since it is summer, we have air conditioning issues as the humidity and temperature vary.

Hospitals maintain their accreditation to operate through TJC (Joint Commission). We are at the end of our 3 year time span when they were here last and we expect them to arrive next Monday or the following one for a week long inspection.

Last weekend I was at work for most of 30 hours while we had an existing unit shut down and a temporary one installed. [oh yeah – I am only doing this because the Project manager who is in charge is on vacation!]

All went well, got done early. Saturday comes and goes no issues. Sunday we take down the temporary AC units on the floors. Monday we have issues on 1st floor which we get fixed by Tuesday. Tuesday goes by and no calls while I am at work.

Wednesday morning arrives and suddenly the entire 2nd floor had become Hot & Muggy (like a jungle, if you are staying or working there). Disaster plan in place boys cause this is NOT acceptable. Luckily we have a meeting with all the right people that morning and we put together a game plan after walking the floor.

Contractor wants to replace the motor and see if that will help and I am asking but WHY do we have an issue. I leave them with the intent that the contractor will review the issue with the engineers who designed the plan and get back to me. (in my mind get back to me today! But apparently I forgot the golden rule of S_P_E_L_L I_T O_U_T!)

Meanwhile, another project the vacationing PMGR has raises its’ ugly head and they are going to start work on Thursday, July 18th evening. And, oh wait; this is a new contractor, a new building, and new department so we don’t have all the proper infection prevention, life safety and security issues being accomplished. And guess who has to step in and negotiate the waters on this with a cast of 8? OH that would be yours truly. A one hour meeting lasted from 1-4:15 pm and started off not being a meeting and being at 3 then 2 then OMG WHO The HECK KNOWS WHEN!!! DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A CLUE? You said you could be here at two in your email and when I call at 1:30 you are 45 minutes away?? Really? Why didn’t you call me since you are the ones who wanted the meeting?

And why oh why does my IP (Infection prevention) person HAVE to ask about every detail of construction? It is quite obvious to me that only phase 1 of this little operation was detailed and the rest is just a summary to keep you all happy from your request at your 2 hour meeting you had Monday!!! YIKES!

Then no one from the AC problem calls me back by 4:30. I did put a call in to the designer about 11:30 myself. So we start all over on the AC yesterday and my entire day is once more, checking patients, thermostats, thermometers, cooling units, talking to admins about what the issue is, who made it, and on. Then there is the other side with all the contractors and designers and finding out who did what and what is right, then IP and maintenance.

And by now I have a Tasmanian devil spinning in my head which I can’t let anyone see lest the entire outside of me starts screaming and can’t stop! Done that before and it is NOT a pretty sight!

5:30 pm and I think I have everyone planning this last minute we have to do another shut down to get the missing air we need back [oh yeah the temporary unit is only giving us 67% of the air we need!]. Engineers have not called back so the fix must be gonna work. I go home thinking all is well and on the upswing.

Oh wrong. Friday morning – first email of the day. Oh the calculations on the AC fix are wrong !!! You are only going to 1/3 of what you are lacking. Say what? The email is timed at 10 minutes after I left the office and NO ONE CALLED TO TELL ME THIS. Wonder if they truly thought out the ramifications OF that error before going home?

So I start the calls all over. And end up in a conference call at 10:15 am telling them all (7 men) they had better have my 9000 cfm by Monday or they are NOT going to be happy. Wanna know why?

Ok – my second email of the day told me the top administration had gotten word that the air conditioning in the ENTIRE HOPSPITAL WAS DOWN!! Huh? Who where? In my journeys at about 9 am I Found out. Apparently a patient or visitor (or staff person for that matter) called the news media and complained. RUT ROH! Now the caca is truly hitting the fan! Luckily we have good PR people and have, hopefully, managed to forestall the issue.

Now all our heinies are on line if this fix does not work and they wonder why I am making them call me every three hours to tell them what they are doing!

Wouldn’t you love to be in my shoes? I am now waiting for all these folks to look at a solution on site and come see me shortly to tell me why their tails are NOT still between their legs! And why I should be happy the rest of the weekend…

And so, I had to go to them. They were sort of breaking up when I asked if they knew what we were going to do this evening and get more air to the floor?

Well, I guess…
Well what about that other fan?
UM how come ?
What about..?

Stop. Are you ready to discuss this or am I going to have to stop this work? (now they are listening) look at each other – well maybe we are.

OK, see you in my office in 5 minutes. I will call the other parties to be present. Needless to day it took them 7 minutes to get there and even then they didn’t have all the answers they should have.

What are we doing? Motor & fans
How long will it take? Oh 8-9 hours? What? This is twice as long now, why?
Who is following up and taking measurements the rest of the weekend so we know what we have on Monday morning? Oh we will know as soon as we finish the shut down.

Say what? You wil know as soon as you are complete? Yes.

Then tell me why Didn’t I know about the lack of the 9000 cfm last Saturday instead of Yesterday? Um well umm well … we were trying to verify and get parts and … and .. and .. {::::::blah, blah, blah, blah:::}

In other words, they were caught like a mouse in a trap. Ok so now they are telling me whenever you want , we will….

And on we went for another 30 minutes until I finally called an end o the meeting at least halfway satisfied that I had put some fear into them, they understood that they should care a little more about getting it done right by Monday am, they were required to follow up with me over the weekend and not think they would just fix it and walk away and I was not stupid….

Here I am at 10:35 pm finishing this as I get ready to go see if the department is ready to go ahead. I feel a bit proud of me for doing so well. I feel like I made well voiced options and kept the correct persons spinning on the skewer.

We will see how I feel at 8 am tomorrow.. Off to get the party started!! The party is started. Post blog and go spark! YEAH!!
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