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Friday, July 19, 2013

So far, the round is going pretty well for me. I've had my ups and downs -- gains and losses-- but I've lost a little over 6-7 pounds since the start of the round, about a pound a week. I know I could have done more but given my current weight and current goal, I feel this is eminently respectable. I'm 3.4 pounds away from being obese no more and I'm certain I can reach this goal before the end of the round! I'll need to lose another 8.4 pounds to meet my goal for the round, tough but still conceivably doable.

Still, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. June was exceptionally rocky. I started using this narrative of "It's summer, time to live it up." My nutrition took a hit. I was drinking more. I skipped 3 or 4 workouts.

Still, my plan has never failed me. When I eat the way I should and attend my regularly scheduled work outs, I lose weight. When I start slipping in extra little treats, eating out, drinking with friends and binging on almond butter, I don't.

My biggest roadblock, then, is not practical but rather mental. I have my life set-up for maximum success but if I'm not in the right frame of mind, I undermine my own success. With that in my mind, here are the changes I plan on making for the rest of the round:

1) No justifications. In the past few month, I've rationalized a lot of bad behavior. Sure, I can have chocolate, I have PMS. It's not so bad that I ate half a jar of almond butter in two days --it's the healthy fat, right?

As long as I can rationalize my behavior, I'll keep doing it. For example, tomorrow night I'm having dinner with my family. I could use this as an excuse to order cocktails and dessert, eat fried foods, etc. But I won't justify it to myself by saying "it's a celebration!" I need to remember that the weekends are no different from the weekdays.

2) No skipping workouts without cause. A few times, I cancelled workouts just to hang out with my husband. Our schedules are very different and when I work out in the evenings, sometimes I miss him. But that's okay. It all evens out eventually. As tempting as it may be to cuddle in front of the TV, I don't need to cancel a work out to do so.

3) Moderation in social drinking. I've come a long way with my drinking. I don't drink during the week, I don't have a glass of wine during meals at home. I've cut out thousands of calories in alcohol. However, when I get together with friends, it is tough to drink moderately. A glass of wine or two won't ruin my progress. But several glasses of wine at dinner followed by several cocktails with dancing will (even with the calories burned through dancing!). It's fine when it's just my husband and I. Last weekend we went to a dinner and a concert and I had a glass of wine with dinner and a cocktail at the show and was fine. But big social gatherings seem to unleash my inner frat boy. I'm still working on this one. But for the rest of the round, I will endeavor to be moderate when drinking socially.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're doing all the right things and it shows. Love having you on the team.
    1676 days ago
  • LIZZYP609
    Your progress has been amazing! I love to read your blogs! I may not comment on each one but I have been reading them as of late!

    i am so happy you are an Outlaw!
    1676 days ago
    I'm with ya here! When I follow my plan I lose and when I don't I don't!! I'm not sure that I use justifications, sometimes I am just plain lazy about it. My socializing is also my biggest downfalls. That alcohol - well, let me just say I consume my share of calories this way while having FUN and I seem to find lots of ways to have FUN !

    We can concur this. I'm with ya emoticon
    1679 days ago
    I know the mound of excuses. You could be writing my blog for the summer except those around me don't drink. My biggest excuse for the summer has been that I have been spending so much more time outdoors that if I eat more, it won't hurt. Yeah right!

    1680 days ago
    "Still, my plan has never failed me. When I eat the way I should and attend my regularly scheduled work outs, I lose weight. When I start slipping in extra little treats, eating out, drinking with friends and binging on almond butter, I don't. "

    Seriously. This. Well, except replace almond butter with cinnamon buns or whatnot, and drinking with friends to eating with friends. But I TOTALLY get this. It's time to put the brakes on the little extras! I'm with you.
    1680 days ago
    Sounds like you're on the right path! Just curious, when you release your inner frat boy, are you wearing brightly colored polo shirts with the collars up and saying "dude" a lot?
    1680 days ago
    The drinking is the one that caught my attention! I'm 59 years old and apparently STILL have an inner frat boy! emoticon

    When I drink, my self-control goes out the window, so I always end up making bad food choices too. So my choice is (a) stay abstinent or (b) put on weight. I see-saw on this. Right now I am on Day 6 of being abstinent. I only have SIXTEEN POUNDS until my goal, so I'm really hoping THIS time I can do it.

    Your blogs help me stay motivated!
    1680 days ago
    "it's the healthy fat, right?" emoticon That one gets me every time. I'm so bad for saying it.
    emoticon Olivia, you've got this. Rocky or not, you're on the right road.
    1680 days ago
    I was so sad to read the part about having to give up time with your husband to work out!!! My husband and I also tend to think of together time as playing videogames or watching tv. Recently, I've been trying to convince him to do 'active' together time. Taking the dog to the dog park, playing darts, or just exercising together. We've had moderate success with this to date but it has been nice to spend the time together WHILE accomplishing some fitness goals. Maybe you could find something that both you and your husband enjoy doing and that will also meet your fitness requirements?

    What about a dance class, mountain biking, or raquet sports?

    I'm bad with social drinking too. It's one of those things that seems tough to get over due to the peer pressure. We pretty well live in fear of our one friend visiting because he always brings a pile of different chocolates to share.
    1680 days ago
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