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Reunion Changes!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Due to a few reasons I have chosen to ditch the color obstacle course AND the color run.

I'm replacing the color obstacle with the hay-stack-hunt and replacing the color run with paint-squirt. (Please rename this!)

Descriptions below.

Hide "x" amount of prizes.
Each item has different worth.
The ones in eggs are easier
Harder items worth more points: ie: gum, coins, rubber duckies,
Each group gets ONE minute to dig.
Whoever gets the most prize points wins the sticker!

Paint-Squirt: (It's like paintball and capture the flag, but with squirt bottles filled with paint).


Not in woods. Not indoors. Not in tents. Don't cross the bridge. Outback only.
Capture your relic from every other team color.

Game Play:
Given 4 minutes, each team has to find their 'base'.
Place all relics on bucket behind base.
One member will be the guard. The guard stands in a 3'x3' area just in front of the array of relics.
Once bases have been determined and relics, a bell will be rung and GAME ON.
The guard will remain at base and try to spray any intruders.
All other team members will try to get to the other bases and steal their team relic.
If you get sprayed, you must raise your hand (as like a white flag) and return to your base.
Once at base, you cannot return to the color you were sprayed with, a different team member must capture that relic. But you can go for any other color.
If all team members are sprayed by the same color, they must ALL sit in 'time out' for 5 minutes of game time.
The team that captures all of their relics first wins!

When touching the other teams base (bucket), you are safe and cannot be sprayed.
You're considered 'sprayed' or eliminated with one color when the squirt is at least nickel sized (as not to just have residual from a long away squirt).
If a player gets sprayed in the face, the goalie must go in time out for 2 minutes.
Buckets for all teams
Squirt guns filled with paint

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