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Pass the COCAINE or Sugar PLEASE ?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dr. Mercola recently wrote an article saying, "Previous research has demonstrated that refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine, giving you pleasure by triggering an innate process in your brain via dopamine and opioid signals. Your brain essentially becomes addicted to stimulating the release of its own opioids."

Regularly activating the receptors create sugar addiction which are super difficult to break.

While they say it's OK to eat sugar in moderation, so was smoking prescribed by Dr.s to patients.

Eating sugar triggers cravings for other things intensely which creates a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

One article I read today said corn syrup has MSG added to to it. If that is true it also helps to explain why processed food is so addictive. MSG causes your body to crave foods and it damages your brain. Russel Blaylock has a book written on it. Yikes. No wonder we are an addicted nation. Artificial sugars are just as bad in other ways causing cancer and other health issues.

If you look close the little bear encourages us to feed our children sugar.

Sugar Causes CANCER researchers have found. It feeds it. Is it really safe to eat something that feeds cancer. In college my instructors said, "every person alive have cancer cells floating around in there body. What matters is if there immune system is able to fight them off. If it isn't strong enough a tumor forms."

Research has also said that sugar feeds candida, a fungus in us. Fungus is linked to cancer. Yuck. Who wants fungus growing in them.

Candida creates even stronger cravings for sugar as it tells the body to feed me sugar.

Corn syrup is tucked into so many foods we tend to forget about it. It's just as bad or maybe worse as it's metabolized by the liver differently and has MSG in it. It is supposed to cause cirrhosis quicker than sugar. WE CAN get CIRRHOSIS from Corn syrup !!!

I tend to not eat much sugar. Blogging for me is to psychoanalyze any cravings away or desires. No intention to offend anyone here, it's purely personal. If I make something NASTY enough - It helps me to WIN the BATTLE of the BULGE !!! Since I battle alone, without close friends, or a support team I blog to mentally evaluate choices.

Sugar damages the brain. Who willingly wants brain damage? Not I. They say it causes MEMORY issues and can lead to Alzheimer's or Dementia type issues.

It used to be the Medical profession said sugar was not linked to diabetes. Can you believe that? Now they admit to the link. When in doubt, doubt the experts.

I was encouraged by someone's comment to make a blog up on sugar. While I like everyone else get tempted, I fight the good fight valiantly.

I claim to not be an expert, just an average person with an interest in health. It has been my experience the best way to decrease sugar addiction is:

To eat MORE vegetables.

Don't use sugar substitutes either. They cause cancer, obesity, heart disease, neurological issues, and more. They are just as bad. Monsanto is my least favorite company. They make genetically modified foods which are linked to death in animals, birth defects, etc. Do the research.

Avoid anything in a can, bottle, jar, or processed.

If it is in a can or jar, bottle, etc. It almost always has chemicals added like artificial flavors or natural flavors which contain MSG hidden away. The added salt or sugars trigger cravings for sugars.

Don't eat purchased pizza. Make it from scratch including your own sauce. Home made does not trigger cravings as much as it does not have the MSG or hidden corn syrup, sugars that trigger the cravings for soda.

If you want something sweet, eat fruit. Today I was craving sweet. I dove into a fresh cut pineapple. Not out of a can, FRESH. Yum. It totally takes away the craving. Eat what fruit calls you. Even if it doesn't if you try to eat fruit, soon you will find it satisfies the craving for sugar.

Use homemade salad dressings or lemon juice on salad. The bottled ones are full of hidden crap. It only takes about 5 minutes to make fresh dressing and it tastes so much better.

Become a JUICER. Juicing helps to increase my cravings for fresh fruits and vegetables. It helps to break free from the cravings.

Drink lots of water. Don't like water? Add a drop or two or to taste of essential edible oils. Read the label, not all are edible. I like peppermint, lemon, tangerine, and others. Add a lemon to water. Yum.

If you search on line you will find articles that tell that food companies do not have to honestly report all ingredients. They add stuff that creates addictions. Try having one potato chip?

While the journey is never easy, it is one I press on. It is for my health. The choice is obvious, to break the cycle. I hope to be able to totally break free of any desires for sugar. When you think of it as being similar to cocaine for our body it makes the choice for me as clear as day. No sugar please.

This book explains many little known food facts for further research.

While I can say right now my sugar consumption is low, mostly fruit and veggie diet, I have slipped. One slip triggers the whole cycle which I have to work to beat. For me moderation does not work. Who wants to eat a bit in moderation of something that causes cancer, heart disease, memory issues and more. Abstinence is a better choice.

While sugar is not cocaine, it has similar effects on the brain.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GRANDMABABA 7/22/2013 4:54PM

    Great reminders. Be well!

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JUMPINJULIE 7/22/2013 12:38AM

    Thanks for sharing.

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LEN_VERSION32 7/21/2013 3:39PM

    It is addictive! I have to work on my addiction!

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CAROLIAN 7/21/2013 1:08AM

    emoticon emoticon

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KICKINGKILOS 7/21/2013 1:01AM

    wow what a great post.
Too bad everything sugary can make us ill.
I dont think I can leave sugar/ splenda as yet.

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KIPPER15 7/20/2013 2:41PM

    Wow, powerful and very informative. emoticon emoticon

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    So true and all helpful info emoticon emoticon

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GEORGE815 7/20/2013 12:33PM

    Many good words to live by.

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FLMOMX2 7/20/2013 10:57AM

    Boy this gives me a lot to think about. emoticon

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DAILYCHOICES 7/20/2013 6:41AM

    Wow! Great information! Now if I could only convince my son of the dangers of sugar, that'd be great! emoticon

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    Wow - a lot of good info

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LILLITH32 7/20/2013 5:35AM

    Good timing - right after I gave in to a caramel popcorn binge. LOL.

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PATRICIAAK 7/20/2013 1:45AM


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SUSANBEAMON 7/20/2013 1:38AM

  interesting. MSG is not a sugar, although it is a flavor enhancer that doesn't do us any good. like the graphics.

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JIBBIE49 7/20/2013 12:33AM

    I love reading articles by Dr. Mercola. He is so into the TRUTH.

Love that poster of the baby with "I'll CUT you." Funny.

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REGILIEH 7/19/2013 10:05PM


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KHADEEJAH1 7/19/2013 7:41PM

    OMGoodness, you are going to scare the pants off people with this blog. But will they stop eating sugar? emoticon

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KPETSCHE 7/19/2013 3:43PM

    Gosh, you said a lot! So many people don't want to hear these things but it's great to have so much info put into this blog. emoticon emoticon

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KNYAGENYA 7/19/2013 3:35PM


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ANGELBELIEVER 7/19/2013 2:57PM

    What a wonderful, eye opening blog. I can understand the problem with sugar. I can't stop with one or 2 peanut butter cups so I don't have them in the house. It's the candy that makes me crave more.

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NATPLUMMER 7/19/2013 2:42PM


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SHAREBEAR1963 7/19/2013 1:03PM

    Fantastic Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree!!

Now, if I could just convince my family.

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3016DEBRA 7/19/2013 12:42PM

  I sure didn't know all of that! emoticon I'm glad I don't have a sweet tooth now, LOL! emoticon

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GBSLIM 7/19/2013 11:49AM

    Great blog - very informative. Thank you for sharing. Hope it helped you as well.

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BRENDA_G50 7/19/2013 11:27AM

    emoticon for all the important information you give us to help us make better choices in what we put into our bodies and being able to back it up. It was a given that sugar is bad, but I didn't realize how bad sugar substitute really is.

Thank you for the enlightenment.

No wonder sugar and cocaine are both white, they look alike and BOTH can kill you!!!


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TECH1960PS 7/19/2013 10:16AM

    very interesting, thanks for posting. emoticon

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ROCKYCPA 7/19/2013 10:12AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MSKRIS7 7/19/2013 9:27AM

    Absolutely great post!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MAMISHELI53 7/19/2013 8:29AM

    Nicely worked blog, with illustrations and such. I was appalled about encouragement to drink cola at so young an age!
The more fruits and veggies I eat, the less cravings I have. I do let myself have a cup of coffee with evaporated milk and sugar in the morning. And I don't forbid myself sweets. But they don't have the control they once had, and they don't have a regular place in my house.

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MIMO11 7/19/2013 7:49AM

    Great job! And your experience is so much like mine on sugar. I'm doing well on ETL and losing weight, but slowly. How much faster would it be if I didn't slip back into my sugar cravings. Just-one-piece-of-Chocolate-just-on
e-cookie. you know the drill. Keep up the progress.
Mimo emoticon

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NANCYTUNBERG64 7/19/2013 7:34AM

    Great blog and such valuable inspiration. P.S. You said you have to fight this battle alone. We are here for you. You are not alone!!

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4RASCALS 7/19/2013 7:15AM

    Excellent blog. I agree with you. It is very difficult to rid your self of this addiction
I know as this is something I am currently trying to do

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CHRISTASP 7/19/2013 5:39AM

    The information is good and I believe it. Still not many people are able to cut out ALL sugar for a long period of time (I mean, more than 3 years or so), it seems.
So maybe moderation does work better for most. I don't know.
We may not need more information about the effects of sugar but about useful methods to diminish it's consumption.

Comment edited on: 7/19/2013 5:40:55 AM

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ARTJAC 7/19/2013 5:11AM

    emoticon emoticon

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123ELAINE456 7/19/2013 1:19AM

  Awesome Blog. Sugar is very additive. Thanks for Sharing all this very informative information with us. I like the Pictures and Quotes very much. God Blessings to You and Everyone. Have a Beautiful Day. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment edited on: 7/19/2013 1:45:24 AM

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NANCYPAT1 7/19/2013 1:02AM

    Great blog Thanks for sharing it.

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NELLIEC 7/19/2013 12:36AM

    When my children (now adults) were young, I did not let them have sweet cereals unless they were having them as a dessert. And the only way they got a dessert was by doing their chores.

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2ABBYNORMAL 7/19/2013 12:16AM

    Drs. have said that trying to quit smoking is harder than getting off of heroin.
I absolutely agree with everything you state about sugar. It's very hard for mean to avoid a lot of products with sugar in them, but I'll have to try harder. Maybe I should just do cocaine? I'm sorry, just kidding!!! I couldn't afford that or another addiction.
Thanks for the great info and websites mentioned.
emoticon emoticon

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CALIDREAMER76 7/18/2013 11:43PM

    Wow ~ I don't think you left anything out! Sharing this with many!

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NEWME0519 7/18/2013 11:37PM

    Wow! This was very informative!

Report Inappropriate Comment
JACKIE542 7/18/2013 11:28PM

    emoticon Thank you

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PEZMOM1 7/18/2013 11:12PM


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BMCOLLEY 7/18/2013 10:52PM

    If that don't drive the message home nothing will


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BECKYSFRIEND 7/18/2013 10:48PM


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KERRIELYNN719 7/18/2013 10:47PM

    Very true...thanks for sharing

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4EVERNESS 7/18/2013 10:46PM

    Sugar is necessary to life to the hypoglycemic...nothing faster when in need.

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KING_SLAYER 7/18/2013 10:20PM

    Excellent blog post! Sugar is definitely one of the major causes of our society being as unhealthy as it is. I used to make big glasses of iced tea with tons of sugar, my whole family did and we would go through a 10 lb bag in a month (used in baking and other things too). We have all cut out that sort of drinking and now only go through a 5lb bag once every 2 months or so, and most of that is used in hummingbird feeders!

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RYDERB 7/18/2013 10:08PM

    Great post! Sugar is emoticon I've been without it for 86 days and I feel amazing!

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JANIEWWJD 7/18/2013 10:06PM

    Wow, makes you not want to eat sugar ever again!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IS1GAR 7/18/2013 9:48PM

    I have never done drugs much less cocaine....but I know when I give in to sweets is really hard to get back on track. I never thought about how long it takes but is about 21 days not to crave sugar again......meanwhile you went up a list a couple of pounds you worked so hard to loose.
Thank you for all the information you provided in this blog.

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