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I'm Emptying the Shelves at Walmart!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Did you ever stop to think about all the items, housewares, dishes, pots and pans, and just plain gadgets there are in the average kitchen? I had to start thinking about it pretty hard today as I went there to stock up on "necessities" for our temporary trailer that we'll be living in the balance of the summer and on into fall.

OK, coffee pot a must for me! And of course, coffee filters for it. DH likes to use the instant stuff, but I'd skip my coffee completely before I'd go for that, to each his/her own taste. I had already bought a set of silverware and we have extra cooking spoons and spatulas in our other home, so now I'm seriously thinking of what all I had in those drawers that went up in smoke. Plastic glasses for iced tea, water and stuff. Potato peeler, can opener, dish towels, hot pads, baking dishes, measuring cups and measuring spoons. A new bed for my dog, a litter box for the kitties, litter, treats, and food! I'll bring my small hand mixer from home until the house is finished as I don't think I'll make a lot of cookies and stuff. I'll also steal seasonings from our other house. Some things I will just "do without" until I at least know what color the walls and other things will be for sure.
emoticon After two hours of shopping I was confused, worn out and not sure if I had remembered everything or not. Was it fun? Yes and no. It all seems like a huge undertaking and at times I wear myself out just thinking about it. Then the lady who is handling our construction loan sent me an email of all the financial info she would need fax'd over. There were at least 20 items on there! I have about 80% of that done, and what a headache that was!

I'm thinking in this temporary house of ours I can do without a bedspread, matching towels, etc. Some stuff needs to wait until I start making final decisions on color and other considerations. Whew! I was really looking forward to all this, but now I'm starting to just be worn out..........

by the way...... my cats act like they were doing me a favor to come with me when we escaped from the fire......
Luci and
but Amber was thankful and thrilled that we took her along!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I remember when I had to shop for stuff for the Camper - you just never know if you have it all but I got a lot of things at Garage Sales and the Dollar Tree but hurry to get everything done right away you can get it as you need it - but happy shopping and don't hurry on things
    1675 days ago
    I know what you mean on the shopping. I use to love to shop, but I get tired to quickly now. My back and legs start to bother me. I guess that's a good thing, I don't spend so much money. emoticon

    It would have been much more fun if this was your first house, instead of it being a necessity because of a disaster. I am just still so thankful you and your fur babies got out safely. emoticon

    Love the pics of the fur babies !! Be sure to take it easy, don't wear yourself out. emoticon emoticon
    1678 days ago
  • JACK714
    Wow is it possible - too much shopping?
    1678 days ago
    Decisions, decisions! Sounds exhausting, but fun. Love the photos. emoticon
    1678 days ago
  • 4_MY_LIFE
    It is a lot of work getting it all done. When I stocked my son's college apartment I ended up at Dollar Tree, it didn't matter if everything matched. It is fun but it can be overwhelming to restock a home and you forget things, not realizing you need it until you do. Keep a running list, adding and marking stuff off as you go.
    1679 days ago
    It's a big job but it doesn't all need to be done at once. And the actual decorating will be enjoyable for you once you get to that stage, I know. Think of it as a license to shop and that should keep you going! At least, I know that would make me a happy camper......
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1680 days ago
    WOW! That does sound like a headache in the making. LOL.. Have fun, but don't let it get you down. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I would be very confused. Take a break and make lot's of lists. emoticon
    1680 days ago
    1681 days ago
    Love the animals. I am trying to get rid of stuff. After so many years it seems a lot has come into the house. The other day I finally got rid of a rocking horse my son had to one of the neighbors who has a one year old boy and a newborn, a boy. Took down a lot of pictures, in frames and packed away, dust collectors now, at my age. So much to get rid of and who to give it all to. The kids today don;t want it.
    1681 days ago
  • LIS193
    It is overwhelming to try and think of everything and then get the colors to match as well. Good luck and have fun with it :)
    Your animals look happy - so glad everyone escaped the fire.
    1681 days ago
  • SKATER787
    LOL. Cats own the place. You're their servant. Good luck thinking otherwise.

    1681 days ago
    What a huge undertaking. You have the right attitude and tremendous resilience. Good luck to you.
    1681 days ago
    "Shop 'till you drop" has taken on a whole new meaning! Good heavans that is a lot of work, girl. Amber is so darn cute. LOL at the cats, so typical. I used to have a Himalayan Persian that allowed me to share her home with her. emoticon Put your feet up and take a break, you deserve it. emoticon
    1682 days ago
    Hopefully there was more fun than frustration involved. You're right though, you don't really realize how much "stuff" you have until you try to replace it. I think you summarized the difference in cats and dogs pretty well, cat's always act like they're doing you a favor to grace you with their presence while dogs just enjoy being with you.
    1682 days ago
    Oh my, I do wish I could be there to help you replace your stuff!! I know it's a job, but with a buddy, it would be more fun than chore, I think!
    Your kitties. Gotta love 'em!!
    Amber looks so content! What a beauty!

    Glad you and your little family is doing well in spite of recent events.

    1682 days ago
    It is so hard to think of everything you had, then you need something special and remember it because it is not at hand. Good luck to you with all the shopping. Glad you have a trailer for the summer.
    Glad you saved your pets even though they don't appreciate your efforts.
    1682 days ago
  • DALID414
    I can't even imagine, I wouldn't know where to start!
    Maybe you should buy Walmart stock emoticon
    1682 days ago
    oh that's a lot of work! But I sure am happy that you are able to do it! And I am sooo happy your babies look so contented. They are beautiful, Eve. God bless you, sweet friend. I pray for God's blessings to more than cover and surpass anything you have lost. Love, Karen
    1682 days ago
    Forgot to add........Your fur babies are beautiful.
    1682 days ago
    What a chore indeed! I can relate as I had to stock my daughter's condo when she left for college. She shares it with 4 other girls but I wanted to make sure she had her own things and the list you have made pretty much included all the stuff I sent with her, lol. Just a little tip... the local dollar store by you is a great place for little kitchen items and especially spices. They also carry dish towels, hot pads, you name it they have it. :)

    Your new home will be so much fun once you get all settled in an it becomes a "home".

    1682 days ago
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