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Wait. . .I thought more protein would mean less hunger

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How's this for "unfair"?

(side bar: I deal with the "unfair" thing all the time when it comes to the weight loss thing. It's "unfair" that everyone else in the world can eat whatever they want and I can't, stuff like that--super annoying, let me tell you).

So I've started actively working to eat more protein and keep "carby carbs" to a minimum. Everyone's always touting the magical "fililng" effect of protein. I'm calling b.s.

This past week I've packed in the protein (hell, sometimes it's 43 grams just at breakfast!) and I've been more hungry than ever.

So far today I've eaten 800 calories (of my max 1750 ish) and my stomach is growling. That means I have true hunger (not just "want to eat"). Of those 800 calories I consumed, I had 55 grams of protein.

55 mother effing grams of protein!!

That's higher than the generic protein intake recommendation for women.

And yet, my stomach is growling. GROWLING!!

I'm annoyed.

And hungry.

But mostly annoyed.

The more I think about it the more annoyed I get. Here I am trying to do all the Fatty Maths (how many calories? how much protein? all that b.s.) and I feel like it's all for naught because. . .

I'm effing hungry.

And I only have 900 calories left for the day. Oh, that sounds like a lot, right?


It will be gobbled up easily enough, unless I only want to eat a few leafy greens and drink water.

Yeah, yeah, I know there are plenty of options out there to make the most of my limited caloric resources (while maxing protein) but come on. How many freaking EGGS can one fat @ss eat?

Honestly, that's how I'm feeling right now. Like Fatty is only allowed to have hard cooked eggs because Fatty is a Fatty and it's all her own fault she's a Fatty because she has no self control and also can't do math properly (if I had the knack for numbers, I could micro manage every single nutrient and then I wouldn't be a Fatty anymore) and has no willpower.

Wait, Fatty can also have tuna fish because fish is skinny food, right? But Fatty doesn't like fish (except canned tuna) so it's her own fault she's a Fatty because she just won't change her Fatty palate and LEARN that only Fatty's enjoy eating.

For the record, I'm not bawling over this or anything like that. I'm pretty tongue in cheek with this rant, but really, it's how I feel.

Protein (like everything in the world, EVER) hates me because I'm a Fatty. A Dumb Fatty who's eventually going to realize she's the butt of some protein practical joke. "Look at Fatty as she has that kefir thinking it's the best protein. Oh, isn't that Dumb Fatty just so funny in her stupidity."

(not that I'm slamming kefir--I just discovered I really like it which surprised me because of my past yogurt issues)

See, this is what hunger does to you, folks. Makes you get all defensive and self deprecating and SNARKY.

Stupid protein. Why do you have to cost so much (calorie wise)?

*shakes Fatty Fist*

Well, I guess there's a silver lining. All that talk about hard boiled eggs and tuna fish has made me want a tuna sandwich.

Of course, Fatty wants to eat. That's all Fatties ever want to do, right?

Damn right that's what THIS Fatty wants.

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FEISTYOWL 7/22/2013 2:08PM

    I have the same damn rant!! I think it's definitely a ymmv kinda thing. And I hate eggs, so the protein thing doesn't work so well for me - who the heck wants just bacon every morning?? (okay, well sometimes I do, but not everyday). Just keep trying stuff, you'll figure out what works for you.

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JANEMAR2 7/18/2013 4:45PM

    I hardly have this food thing conquered, but one thing I have noticed is that having a little fat with my meal is much more satisfying. Most mornings before work I make a berry smoothie for breakfast. If I make it with 2% plain yogurt, I can wait until 10:30 for my morning snack, but if I make it with fat free plain yogurt, I am hungry and thinking about having my snack at 9:00 a.m.

Good luck!

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PARASELENIC 7/18/2013 3:49PM


The protein gig is a big fat lie. REALLY BIG FAT LIE.

give this book a shot: The Starch Solution by Dr McDougall, it's based on the most extensive longitudinal study on health, obesity, disease and diet: The China Study (which is a totally awesome book, HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend).

It turns the idea of protein on it's head, and puts starches in the limelight. It encourages a vegan diet, but eating pretty much as much as you can of good, healthy starches. (To give you an idea, his first challenge, and a series of studies McDougall conducted at Yale, Johns Hopkins, etc. involved people eating what they did normally and adding 12 SLICES of whole grain lowfat bread EVERY DAY to their diets. Shock above shock, people lost significant amounts of weight!) There's a ton of reasons for this, which I won't go into here, but I've ditched the protein gig entirely and started stuffing the starches-- and other shock-- I'm now losing again, finally, after pursuing such a long gig of really concentrating on protein and trying to feel satiated by it... you know what? 2 slices of bread with hummus and beans and a fruit salad is WAY MORE satiating than hard boiled eggs and greek yogurt with a salad. And then I have two more slices of bread with jam for a snack. And then heaps of pasta with veg and tomatoes for dinner, and then moar bread with jam before bed. I'm STUFFED, and for the first time ever, I never feel hungry, because when I am, I just reach for another starch... there's no limit to those ever.

Other thing of note-- I'm still tracking, and with all of those over stuffed starches, somehow I'm staying in range naturally, better than I ever was before.

Okay, I'm starting to sound like an infomercial... obviously, you do what you need to do to get your health and diet right for you, but this is the first time that I'm eating what I want and feeling good about it.... I'm not a protein girl, it doesn't work for me...

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    pssst... from one "Fatty" to another... I don't like Kefir.. I don't like lots of fish... and I have had more than my share of eggs trying to eat more protein. I refuse to eat hard boiled eggs - hate them.

Try: chicken breast (approx 50 cals per ounce). Lean pork. Look for low carb protein powder and blend it with cottage cheese for fake "pudding" (unless you are like me, and HATE cottage cheese). Then I just mix mine with water (UGH) or skim milk (better).

I make myself a salad (ha... try more chicken than greens) out of chicken breast, shredded cheddar cheese - 1 ounce shredded goes a LONG way (less carbs in cheddar, who knew?) and toss it with spinach leaves. Sometimes I even heat it up... weird? so what, it satisfies THIS Fatty...

Not sure if that helps... this was actually supposed to be more of a support response - as in I hate eggs, I hate trying to find low fat/low calorie protein too.

And FYI - sometimes, just sometimes, protein DOESN'T make you more full. Unless you eat a buttload of it...then you just feel sick to your stomach.

Let me know if you want more (REASONABLE) protein ideas.

Hang in there -


EDITED TO ADD THIS: I re-read this, and realized I missed the whole point - duh, Irish... it's a rant. And, as always, I appreciate your *unfair, well-rounded, fatty* sense of humor. It makes me laugh in that good, fatty-pig snortin' way that starts in the belly and shakes my whole fatty being... so thanks for that, by the way...

Carry on...

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