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Taking the Training Wheels off

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I love weight lifting.. I love how strong it makes me feel.. I love how much muscle it builds (which stokes my metabolism).. I love how it translates to real life stuff like hauling in a 44lb bag of dog food or lifting heavy stuff around the house..

So last night my CrossFit workout was hanging power cleans with push presses and front squats.. I've only done a front squat once before so I am very much still in the learning phase.. BUT the big deal was my "training wheels" were removed.. no longer did I have the box beneath me to guage how low I was going and to get me comfortable "sitting back in my squat" and "loading my hips".. suddenly, coach says "move the box back and go as deep as you can and hold it for 3 seconds".. I was a bit stunned! Do huh? No box?? But I need the box.. I have to have the box! DON'T TAKE AWAY MY BOX!!

Seriously? I got myself all worked up.. LOL.. but, I took a deep breath.. "got tight" and sank into my squat.. and sank.. and sank... held it for 3 seconds and came back up to the CHEERS of my coach telling me I did it! I hit below parallel!! This was a first and a huge milestone showing the inprovement of my flexibility. SOOOOO HAPPPYYY..

So, here I am.. in the depth of my front squat.. please don't be critical because I'm completely aware my arms should be up, etc.. but what I'm excited about is how low I got! if you follow the top of my thigh and imagine a marble on it - it would roll towards my hip - and THAT is below parallel!! WOOT WOOT

Tomorrow night is the BIG night... after training my back squat for 4 weeks.. we are deloading this week and retesting for my 1 rep max back squat tomorrow night. My current 1 rep max is 135lbs... and I'm hoping hoping hoping to have improved that to 150lbs which would be PHENONMENAL.. but I'll be happy if I just improve... but my mind is set on 150lbs!

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