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The Home Stretch

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm officially 30 weeks prego. My body is stressing me out more and more each day. The first two trimesters were a complete breeze compared to what I'm enduring now, but I still feel like I'm one of the lucky ones. And, I'm enjoying my baby's kicks, jabs and punches to the fullest extent. But, I have to say, it's not easy lugging my big old self around! I feel like I weigh a million pounds. Last night, after hours of ironing, my legs felt like they each weighed 200 pounds. It was all I could do to lift myself into the shower without collapsing...not to mention terribly sore and swollen feet. But, all in all, besides feeling HUGE emoticon, having sore feet, and daily killer heartburn, I feel pretty good. emoticon

My energy has definitely been low lately. I haven't gotten to keep up with any kind of exercise routine because there are a billion things to do before the baby arrives. This saddens me because I had such a wonderful routine going in the beginning. But, there was a nursery to remodel and of course closets to be re-organized, things to be cleaned out, etc. It has just been such a busy time for me, and I'm completely exhausted trying to get it all done. emoticon

My DH and I took a lovely "babymoon" over the 4th of July weekend. I was surprised at how many people have not heard of this term, so just in case, a babymoon is kinda like a honeymoon before baby comes. We obviously don't have quite the funds flowing we had when we took our luxurious honeymoon to Jamaica emoticon, but we still had a lovely vacation in the mountains . We ventured over to Cloudcroft, NM and I thoroughly enjoyed more than anything, the nice 25 degree or more cool-down! We tried a little hiking the first day we were there, but the trail we ventured onto was a little steeper than my pregnant body could handle. Plus, the altitude was getting to both of us! When you live in super-flat land, a hill will give you altitude sickness! emoticon So, we just took it easy and enjoyed the sights. Went to see a lovely little waterfall hidden away several miles from our cabin, hoping that it would be a neat escape from all the tourist activity. Boy were we wrong in assuming that! The place was crawling with people and we barely made our way near the thing to get any decent pictures.

From there, we drove to Carlsbad to go through the caverns; we have both been to the caverns on several occasions, even once together, but we tried something new this time. We took the elevator down, but hiked the natural way out. Sometimes I think that my brain doesn't function properly! I'm such a stubborn person, and I really push myself to the limits sometimes. We had already made the mile trek through the caverns, but I decided that rather than wait in the hour and a half long line to use the elevator on my sore feet , I would just hike it out of there. This hike was mostly heading straight up and was very strenuous. We talked to the guide about me doing it at 7 months pregnant, and he said that people of all ages, shapes, and even pregnant women do it all the time. So, we ventured on! This was one of the most enduring things I have ever done, comparable to last year's mountain climb. There were times when I would just sit down and stare all around me. All I could see was cave below me and cave above me. Would I ever make it out?! I guess you could say I hit a wall on several occasions. But I saw many pregnant women coming and going and knew that I could finish. It was a mile and a half up, and it took us about 2 hours to make it out. Afterwards, I could not speak for a good 20 minutes. I'm not sure why this is, but I just couldn't. I felt such a huge accomplishment in overcoming this feat while huge pregnant! It makes me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to! A mere hour after completing it, I felt no remnant of pain from the hike, and that was an awesome feeling too! After that, we drove back home. I was sad to see the end of our trip, but came away with a lot of memories and accomplishments!

I guess I bring this all up because I needed it in writing that despite what I see in my body and all the literature about pregnancy, I want to know that I'm still doing alright. Admittedly, I did not post pictures of my babymoon here because after looking through them, I was simply ashamed. I feel so embarrassed by my weight gain, and I'm sure it's mostly due to what I have heard/seen. I keep getting emails about tracking pregnancy weight. When I finally tried one of their fancy weight trackers, it came back with dismal results basically letting me know that I'm too fat. Then I got inundated with emails discussing that I have gained far too much weight and to just count on a C-section in my "condition;" I even got emailed an article this morning that stated that overweight women don't produce enough breast milk or that their milk is completely undernourished as compared to other women. It's been very depressing and paired with looking at pictures of myself, I have just felt plain down about it. emoticon I have been tracking my exercise here just to feel like I'm doing something right. I know it's probably pathetic and lame to worry about all of this, but I just don't want to wind up staring in the face of a much bigger mountain than the one I had a year ago. And I guess it's hurtful too, because I haven't just given in and eaten everything in sight. I have tried to be conscientious about the foods I have consumed. But I haven't felt the greatest to want to exercise every day either like I felt in the beginning. I know it will get better and that I will be able to lose the weight after the baby is born. I just hate getting all of those discouraging articles in my email--makes me feel like a failure. emoticon

Anyway, enough of feeling sad. I have plenty to look forward to and be excited about. Just a little while longer until I get to meet my precious one, and I can barely wait! Some days it seems like it's taking FOREVER!!! Others it seems like I just found out yesterday! Soon the day will come and I will be one happy new mom! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Hope you all have a fabulous day! emoticon
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    You're SUPPOSED to gain weight when you're pregnant!!! It's for the baby!!! If your blood pressure is good, then the weight is good weight (probably a LOT of fluid.)

    Look, I have a very small frame and I gained over 70 pounds when I was pregnant. But within about 8 weeks, all but 5 of that was gone. Baby weight is a LOT of fluid. A LOT!!!!! I gained 15 pounds AFTER he was born, from sitting around and just eating nonstop. People kept bringing us food, and I kept eating it because it was yummy, and it was winter and the holidays, and (excuses excuses). So just take care to make sure you don't eat overeat AFTER the birth, and I can almost guarantee all that weight you see now will be gone.

    That website sounds horrible, and so many of them are. I actually gave up on internet pregnancy websites when I had people emailing me and telling me how selfish I was for having a baby at 40, since I'd be "so old" when he graduated from high school. People are jerks. Stay away from the negative, and ENJOY being pregnant. :) For what it's worth, I think you look beautiful and NORMAL!
    1349 days ago
    Wow, so you're only 2 days behind me--how funny! I agree with LITTLE1DER--stay away from all things negative. I'm trying to do the same right now dealing with my mom (she can never seem to say the right thing or give me what I need. She just doesn't get it.) I'm also dealing w/ some backlash from leaving my OB at 30 weeks. It had gone well--or so I thought--when I went in to sign the records release the other day, but they have since been acting like jackholes as I'm trying to get them to fax my records to my new midwife group. I've had a lot of anger and felt a lot of stress over this in the past day or so.

    But back to my original point--you just have to try your best to stay far away from all things negative and surround yourself with light and love.

    Best of luck!
    1377 days ago
    You're doing GREAT, Caiti!!! Don't worry about negative reactions! You have a precious little life in you that needs your attention. I think you'll do just fine!!!

    You're trip sounded like so much fun!!!


    It won't be long now!!!
    1377 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I would say right now ditch this harmful website and cancel the e-mails. Making someone who is about to give birth feeling ugly and ashamed about the weight gained (to help nourish this new life) bad is horrible. New Moms are beautiful!! Don't be thinking otherwise!! My sister gained a lot of weight with her first and had gestational diabetes -her first was nine pounds- but after she had him, the glow and pride on her face outdid any excess weight. Breastfeeding and proper nutrition as well as any exercise cleared by your Dr. will soon get the weight under control and dropping. Its truly as shame you won't share photos of your babymoon, because I am sure the pride on your face of making that grueling climb out of those caverns would surely be an inspiration! You can be very, very proud of yourself! That never say die, never give up attitude will carry you far in the coming trials of caring for a newborn and trying to keep up your healthy ways.
    emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1377 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    uggh on the articles! IGNORE!! u re proof..u made the hike u are healthy..so live it up!!!
    1378 days ago
    Stop reading the depressing emails and websites and take everything with a grain of salt!! You are not a failure, your just letting unknown sources who know nothing of your true health nor your baby's health lump you into a group and scare you with statistics form Lord knows where. We are not a one size fits all world! There are millions of women bigger then you that have no issues breast feeding or bearing healthy children and millions of "average" sized women who have all sorts of issues.
    I'm 40 weeks tomorrow I have gained 12 more then my gain goal was, I weigh more now then I have ever weighed and I try to just not get depressed about it-I'm healthy, baby is healthy and I am doing my best. The last 10weeks will race by, pace your activities, rest a lot and learn to let go of things. Remember that the only things your baby actually needs for the first few weeks is mommy and daddy, a few clothes, a few blankets, diapers and food. The nursery is for you, the closets can wait, the ironing can be sent out if need be. You need to make time for the things that make you feel good, getting a little exercise in everyday instead of sitting at the computer reading depressing emails! Focus on getting your fruits and veggies in and a extra glass of water.
    I made lists around this time-a list of the have tos, want tos and broke them down from there. Have tos were baby class, order pump, pack my bag, install the car seat, get a walk in everyday, eat more veggies, get the essentials in place for baby's first day. Want tos were things like get sewing projects done for the nursery, plan a shower, paint the deck, plant some flowers pots, precook meals, stock the cupboards. by listing them, sharing them with my DH and doing them bit by bit we got the have tos and the want tos done and even a few extra things we didn't think we would have time for. You don't have to be Super Woman to be a super MOM!

    Take care!
    1378 days ago
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