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Its a bit of a rest day~

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm doing about 45 minutes of walking and doing yoga later and maybe some Zumba as well! I love my walking but it needs to be a bit of a rest day for that activity. Plus bummer for having no pedometer really. However, Amazon sent me a notice my FitBit has shipped and should be arriving tomorrow afternoon when the mail comes. It almost makes me want to wait until tomorrow evening to do my walking for the day. No its okay because 107 degrees seems a bit much. I like my morning walking quite a lot because its much cooler. Saturday morning I'll walk over to the park again and do a 6 mile that morning. When I went to the park yesterday I was glad I had brought a granola bar with me to have because I was kind of hungry when I arrived there so I paused from walking to eat it in the shade. It was still early enough that many people weren't in the shaded areas trying to hoard the shady parts. I saw people playing volleyball, walking their dogs, climbing the mountain, walking the trails, playing softball and go figure people actually said good morning and hello. I think it surprised me somewhat. Its kind of a not so great world when people actually don't talk to one another so much anymore. The world isn't as dangerous as the newspaper and TV makes it out to be.

I took a picture when I reached the top of the mountain but I saw the picture in the light, not so pretty at all I said to myself lol. The 2 friends I sent the pic to were amazed I did it though. Eh, maybe I'll throw the picture on here. It represents that I wasn't afraid to come back down the mountain. I can get up the mountain its the coming down I was concerned about, lol. There is still more of that mountain though. I went up as high as the picnic area and the shade that accompanies it. You can go even higher on that mountain all the way to the top of the world. I'll get up there within the next week surely! (If I want to, but I do I just had to get up to the first part before I get all the way up to the top of that big girl.)

So I spoke with the SO last night and my Mom told him I went to the top of the mountain, he was impressed and asked me why I didn't text him about it and I said I was going to tell him when he called me up. Plus he wanted some kinda proof so I had to send him the pic and he said I never looked more womanly & sexy. I asked him did he ever want to walk on top the mountain with me. He said that he would sometime lol. I'll believe him when he does it. He does go to the gym and do walking but he gets caught up in his work at points and basically he does activity with me in the evenings so I won't show him up he jokes. He is impressed with all my Walking, Yoga, Zumba and Tae-Bo. He said he needs to catch up to me. SO is 6 feet tall, kind of stalky and lean at the same time but he is strong. I like stronger men, a bit more manly, intelligent, loves sports, likes to get out and do things. That is my SO, he's a few years older than me, he's beautifully handsome and quite dark in skin tone (some of it from the sun) but he is a lot lighter than me in personality. He jokes that I am Satan's sister and that I should like Halloween more than I do. I dislike it so much but I don't like many holidays at all. They feel so commercial and superficial. Plus I just don't find most holidays necessary.

The SO will be back in town on Saturday afternoon and I suspect he will want me to get him from the airport which is alright. I'll use his car vs. my lil Mini Cooper. He says he feels like he is shoehorned in there. I suppose if you are over 5"8 or so it can start to get a little claustrophobic. My sister is that tall and she rode in it when she was here last in May and she drove it and said its not all that comfortable for her. It is low to the ground as well but I like it very much as does my mom and the SO's daughter. The SO thinks I should get a truck and I said a gas guzzler? I don't care for trucks really unless I'm not the driver. The SO drives quite well and he has a deep Blue Toyota Tacoma Pick Up with grey interior that his son drives on occasion. He also has a 2000's Model Acura that he wishes I would drive more. Its not my car I say and he says if we were married it would be. I said I have a car I like it I paid for it in cash lol. I did because I don't believe in car payments and being held hostage to them with the interest and such. The SO wants me to give the Mini to my niece and I said I'd sell it to her if he wants me to drive the Acura because that car even when I bought it wasn't all that cheap. I was proud of it as well, still am because I keep it new and in top shape. The only thing I can't do is change the oil myself but my dad or SO does it for me when it needs to be done. I said if he doesn't like me driving a smaller car (which that is the point with him really) then I'd trade it for an older BMW that I like. He needs to keep the Acura for him because the truck is likely going to be his son's when he is a Senior and can deal with paying for the gas and going to school with his activities and such. I've had the Mini since 2005 so its 8 years. I bought it new for $16K. That's a lot of change even for 2005 yeah. I'm not into buying a car until the car I have is worn down and out. The Mini was the first car I've had that isn't a Toyota and it was the first car I paid for on my own. I've had 2 previous cars, one as a high school graduation gift of a Toyota MR-2 and the other was a Toyota Supra Sports car. All my cars have been Black. The Mini is Black and Silver stripes!

Yeah, I'm getting him from the airport Saturday at 230pm and I'm taking the Acura. The SO's son asked if he can take my car to see a movie and a game with a friend and I said if he washes and waxes the car Friday and goes with me to fill up the tank (translation he pumps the gas) then he can use it. Its an automatic and he drives automatics much better than a stick. He is a good driver as well so I feel fine with him borrowing the car with the caveat he uses more than half a tank he cleans my garage lol. He asked his dad if it was alright and he said if I was okay with it then he could do it. He's a good kid and doesn't give his parents too much grief beyond smart mouth once in a purple moon. His dad is a no nonsense type with his kids but both of his kids know their dad loves them a lot. The SO just wants his kids to be respectful and disciplined.

I suppose that's it for now~
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