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Never too late to reinvent myself.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey there Spark friends. I have not blogged since joining and I felt today was the day to start. I have learned some valuable lessons since joining Sparkpeople which have changed my life and continue to do so each day.

I've learned that me and my needs are of paramount importance in my life and it directly affects all other aspects as well. For so many years I put the needs of my family, my job, my friends, and even my pets in front of my own needs that my life suffered. NO MORE. I realized recently that without taking care of myself and my needs, all of the other things that I thought were so important were suffering.

I've learned that good health really is the building blocks of success. Being overweight had caused me to think that I couldn't do that, or, I can't do that. I mean lets face it, if I CAN'T lose weight I probably CAN'T do anything else I want to try either. WRONG! I CAN lose weight, I just hadn't been taught how to do it properly. I CAN go to the gym and get stronger, and leaner. I just hadn't been motivated before. I CAN break the cycle of bad choices and bad decisions that had shackled me to a wall of unhappiness for far too long.

Most of all I've learned that it truly is, NEVER TOO LATE TO REINVENT MYSELF. Each day I get closer to my goals. Each pound I lose has brought me a little bit more trust in myself and the courage to look further, and to push myself farther. When I reach that goal, by God, I will set a new goal. I will set my sights on something even further down the road, because:

I've learned not to settle any longer.

Having this new found insight into myself all started here on Sparkpeople but it has already spread into all areas of my life. My relationships are better. Job opportunities are changing and more plentiful than I ever thought possible. My outlook on life and my place in it are better. Each person I spread the spark too want a little bit of what I have. They see something is different about me and not just my dwindling waistline. They see/sense a fresh perspective, a zest for life, a desire to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment this world has to offer. I share what I have willingly. I point them here so that their journey can begin as well.

I have reinvented myself. I am a different person than the man I was 4 months ago. I like the guy I see in the mirror for the first time in way too long. I am worthy and worth the effort. I am worth the sweat and sore muscles. I have read somewhere that nothing in life worth having comes easy. I believe that, but, I also believe that each hill we climb chisels us, little by little, into that person in our minds eye that we all want to meet one day soon.

I guess I've been rambling a bit so I'll close for now. I hope whomever reads my post will look into their own lives and acknowledge how far you've come. You are worth it too. Every one of you. Don't give up. Don't give in. The payoff, the new you, is a work of art.

Thank you. :)

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