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Kitty Lancelot update

Thursday, July 18, 2013

So the vet wanted to keep him overnight again. After further examination the doctor says they he has ulcers and sores all over his mouth and gums. He was wonder what kind of floor cleaner we used and if that might be a problem. I will talk to the maid today and make sure she uses only vinegar water on the tile floors from now on and nothing with detergent in it. The doctor does think that with the treatment they have him on that he is getting better. I will go again today and check in and see if he can come home. They want him to eat first before coming home. Poor baby. But so thankful that it's not his kidneys.

On another note, for those that follow me and followed the crazy law suit from the neighbors next door that filed a criminal law suit against us which took us three years to defend ourselves and were found completely innocent in two that is over. Well now they filed more lies in civil court and we once again have to defend ourselves for nothing that we have done wrong. Again, this is the property where this people who flip properties bought thinking they could turn the building into 3 condos and sell them individually but they had neglected to check the neighborhood laws that don't allow condos so after they tour the who interior out of this building they couldn't fix up the first floor condo to see it to fund the others. So they decided to harass us as we own the land on the side of the building which we provided an easement for parking for it. Anyway they now are saying that we are preventing them from selling the place by going out and yelling at people who look at the property preventing them from selling it. So totally wrong. No one even looks at the property as it is a mess with no windows, kitchens, baths, etc. We of course would prefer that someone buys it and fixes it up. But these people have a crooked attorney that has them convinced that they can win against us and get a lot of money. So we met with our attorneys for 3 hours yesterday and they feel very confident that they don't have a case and they once again we will win but it will cost us another $25,000 dollars and they say it can take up to 6 years. This just is so very wrong on so many parts. We just aren't bad people and would never do anything that they say we would do. It's a total bummer. What makes people so awful that they would completely lie and try to extort money that is not due them out of good people? I am just working hard to not let the stress of this effect my health and take care of myself.
Darn people! I also hate so much that in Mexican law there is no punishment for can simply lie and there is nothing that can happen to you. And also nothing can happen to crooked attorneys either....they aren't threatened with loosing their license or anything like that. Totally stinks.

Oh well, its' a nice day after a good rain last night and I will get out and walk the dogs and then go visit kitty. Keeping a positive attitude.
Hope you all are having a good day.
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