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YES! My daughter is no longer pre-diabetic!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I could not be any happier to know that my daughter will never again have to deal with fluctuating blood sugar levels and insulin resistance again, much less with the severe health problems that go along with type 2 diabetes. Her latest HA1c test came back at 5.3, down from 5.7 and above before.
She is the perfect example for the fact that diabetes and pre-diabetes cause obesity, not the other way around, because she never carried more than about 10% body fat and was always very athletic, being a good High School swimmer and a skilled horseback rider and runner.
She was not eating too much for her activity level but had always enjoyed pastries, sugar and breads a little too much.
She had educated herself very well about the danger of insulin resistance and the addictive power of sugar and wheat (even after she had already eaten gluten-free for about half a year) and as a result she decided to switch to a paleo/low carb diet, a way of eating that my husband and I had already made our life style diet.
After about 6-9 months she has fully regained her health and her swimming times have actually improved as she PR'd in her best event, the 200 Free, improving her time from 2:16,50 to 2:14 about 6 weeks before the swim season even started, showing that it is very possible, if not easier, to do speed events on a low-carb diet with only minor replenishing of carbs at the end of workouts.
Occasionally she still thinks about bread, but it is now an avoidable temptation. Sugar is limit to small and rare amounts. We occasionally buy some nice dark chocolate truffles and have just one or two rather than the whole box.
It has been so worth it for her to gain a life-time of health without even missing any foods any more. I'm proud of her for being willing to make the change, in spite of occasional comments from her team mates who did not quite understand why she would turn down doughnuts or pizza.
If a 16-year-old can do it so can we all.
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